socchurch1As for clubs, societies, and other organised group activities, six attract a large membership from people living in the village, in other cases many of the members came from outside Beaulieu. A few respondents did not know what was availabsocchurch2le and 16 suggested clubs that they would like to see started. Four people mentioned a film club (see Action Plan Project 5 ); otherwise no more than two people mentioned any one activity.

A fifth of respondents attend a church regularly, over half occasionally, and a quarter never. However, 81% said they would expect to use a church for weddings, baptisms and funerals. 84% of church-goers attend Beaulieu Parish church; most of the others go to Roman Catholic churches in the neighbourhood. Suggestions for making the Parish church more accessible included putting greater focus on the family and young people.

Information from this section has been given to the Parish Priest and to the Parochial Church Council.