There was a wonderful turn out for the Beaulieu Village Pancake Races and the weather stayed dry for a change.

The Beaulieu High Street had been closed to traffic for the occasion and the Beaulieu school children were the first to run .... and run they did, some of them having trouble stopping at the end of their race. Next came the adult teams ... the Firemen, the Mum's Pony Club, the Dads, the Montagu Arms, the CET and the Beaulieu Estate Management Team. Hampshire County Council Chairman Councillor Ken Thornber started the children's races and gave out the prizes.
Watching from the side lines, I have to say there was a fair amount of cheating going on ... except for the Mum's Pony Club Team, who didn't exactly come first, but in view of the fact that they had completed each task correctly, were awarded the first prize.
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