The Parish Council operates under the following Code of Conduct and also its Civility & Respect Pledge

<080104 BPC Code of Conduct.pdf>

A 'civil' Parish is a fundamental tier of Local Government - a democratically elected local authority that exists to help the local community. The powers with which they are vested means that they can influence such issues as planning, social housing and community care. They are also part of the consultation process of proposals by Central Government.

Beaulieu Parish Council is headed by a Chairman and Vice-Chairman and comprises of another six Councillors drawn from the local community. Councillors serve on a voluntary basis but a paid part-time Clerk is employed to carry out an administrative role.

Representatives of New Forest District Council and Hampshire County Council attend Parish Council Meetings to report on District and County issues and take on board comments from the Parish Council. The Parish Council is responsible for maintaining, or informing district and county councils to maintain and amend council property (bus shelters, drainage, street lighting etc.

The Parish Council is empowered to issue grants in support of the activities of local community organisations, including the Village SchoolCricket Club, Toddler Groups, Senior Citizen Luncheon Club, Twinning Association and Citizen's Advice Bureau etc.

The Parish Council is regulated by statute and also by its Standing Orders as follows:


As permitted under its Standing Orders the Parish Council has established 2 Committees to support the efficient and timely delivery of its services:
The Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is responsible for reviewing all planning applications in detail and, on behalf of the Beaulieu Parish Council, informing the Applicant and Planning Authority of its recommendation. It’s Terms of Reference were approved at the 2021 AGM and are as follows:



The Asset Management Committee

The Asset Management Committee is responsible for the review and upkeep of any assets that come under the BPC’s responsibility.It’s Terms of Reference were approved at the 2021 AGM and are as follows:


Finance and General Purposes Committee