Parish Plan

gatehouseBeaulieu Parish, located in the south-east corner of the New Forest National Park, is an unspoilt area at the head of the tidal reaches of the Beaulieu River. Beaulieu village, itself, has changed little over the years: the village centre has remained compact and there has been little outlying development in recent times. There are approximately 345 properties in the Parish, the majority of which are privately owned.

Most people who responded to the Beaulieu Parish Plan questionnaires expressed their satisfaction at living in an attractive area close to the river, with delightful surrounding countryside, and with all the advantages which it offers. 72% of the respondents have lived in the area for over 20 years, although only 16% were born within the Parish.

Traffic and tourism have increased vastly with the proliferation of motor vehicles, causing both problems for and benefits to the local community. Cars are needed by visitors to reach the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu village and the surrounding countryside, whilst residents need cars to gain access to nearby towns and villages. Many lorries of ever increasing size negotiate the narrow lanes; some of these same lorries are driven up the village High Street to satisfy the requirements of local businesses, whilst others are just passing through.

Action Plans

Action Plans

Work was started on the Beaulieu Parish Plan in 2007 ...


Project No. Project Decription                                       Who to approach  Who's Involved    Timescale Priority

Creation of a Welcome pack for new residents of Beaulieu
To include creating an up-date system and a link with local
 Estate agents and publicity locally to be aware newcomers

Sally Brearley

Parish Council
Church, Estate.
School, Residents

12 months


To weatherproof the village notice-board, and consider a more user friendly site

Carol Green
Nick Weiss

Parish Council 12-18mths Medium

To enhance the Village website to keep current information , news and events publicised and updated and to allow local businesses and organizations, bed and breakfasts, and others to advertise

Carol Green, Trevor Smith
Nicky Deering
Carolyn McCavity

Parish Council 12-18 mths High

To help and encourage the Village Hall to have more storage for local organisations

Jo Cooke-Hurle Village Hall committee 12 mths High

To look at the possibilities of forming a drama club, and to show occasional cinematic films in the village hall or elsewhere

Christine Hills
To find an enthusiastic person

Village School, Village Hall committee, Clubs and Organisations

1-2 yrs Medium

To provide a larger playground with more equipment

Parish Council

Andy Dovey

John Phipps

NFDC, New Forest Park Authority, Hampshire playing fields Assoc. and other funding agencies

2-4 yrs Medium
7 To establish a need for a communal compost heap Sally Brearley

Fairweathers Garden Centre
Beaulieu Estate
Parish Council




Project Number Project Description                                                  Who to approach Who's involved             Timescale Priority

More Police presence in Beaulieu, and help with forming more Neighbourhood Watch schemes

Carol Green           

Parish Council, Beaulieu beat Policeman, Residents Association, Exsisting neighbourhood watch personnel

12 mths High

To investigate possible sites available for future further low cost housing

Ralph Montagu

Parish Council, Beaulieu Estate New Forest Park Authority, NFDC, HCC 5/10 yrs Medium

To reduce noise pollution from aircraft and 'cracker' at Fawley

Sally Brearley

Parish Council, Residents Association, Beaulieu Estate,Management at oil refinery, Fawley, Air Traffic control

12 mths Medium

Create footpaths and off road cycle tracks around Beaulieu, particularly from Hatchett and Hilltop to Beaulieu

Beaulieu Estate Parish Council

Parish Council, Beaulieu Estate, funding agencies

1-3 yrs Medium

Establish children's cycling areas

Beaulieu Estate Parish Council

Parish Council, Beaulieu Estate

1-3 yrs Medium

Look at the possibilities of an off road cycle track from the parish to Lymington

Parish Council

Parish councils from Beaulieu, East Boldre, Boldre. Forestry Commission

1-3 yrs Medium

Widen some footpaths to take pushchairs and wheelchairs

Beaulieu Estate

Beaulieu Estate, Parish Council

1-3 yrs Medium



Project No. Project Description                                                          Who to approach Who's involved Timescale Priority

Establish a 20 mph speed limit in the High Street

Carol Green

Hampshire CC, Parish Council                     

1-2 yrs High

Ban HGVs through the village except for deliveries and collections for local businesses and farms, by agreeing to , and enabling, alternative routes

Jo Cooke Hurle, Anthony Haas

Parish Council, Hampshire CC

1-2 yrs High

To better manage parking,in the interests of the village as a whole, including freeing up the High Street

David Fisher
Carol Green

NFDC, Parish Council, Local businesses, HCC

1-3 yrs High

To obtain a Speed indicator device or a speed Limit Reminder to be placed at rotating points in the parish to reduce speeding traffic to the correct speed limit. This may be shared with adjoining parishes.

Parish Council

Parish Council
Hampshire CC
East Boldre, Denny Lodge and Boldre parish councils

1-2 yrs High
19 To pursue further measures to reduce the speed of traffic coming into Beaulieu Village (for example, gateway marking, surface changes etc) Parish Council. Carol Green, Jo Cooke-Hurle Parish Council, Hampshire CC. Beaulieu Estate 1-3 yrs High

To investigate the possibilities of a regular bus service between Beaulieu and Brockenhurst (return) and Beaulieu/Southampton (return)

Christine Hills

Parish Council, Wilts and Dorset Bus Co., HCC (maybe Cango bus) Brockenhurst College

1-5 yrs Medium

Investigate the possibilities of a green bus service within Beaulieu and outlying villages

Sally Brearley
Rachel Pearson

Beaulieu Estate, Parish Council, Local businesses

1-5 yrs Medium



The preparation of the Beaulieu Parish Plan has been an interesting and valuable exercise and there is much enthusiasm to tackle the important issues raised; the survey has identified aspects that can be improved for the future well-being of the Parish. The New Forest District Council and the National Park Authority have advised that they will take the Parish Plan into account when formulating their own policies. The Beaulieu Estate has undertaken to consider the findings of the Plan in its future policies and will work with the Parish Council to realise the objectives set where it is able.

Members of the committee working on the village plan were Carol Green (Chairman), Sally Brearley (Secretary), John Phipps (Treasurer), Anne Coles, Carolyn McCafferty, Jo Cooke-Hurle, Ralph Montagu, Steve Vokins, Rachel Pearson, Christine Hills, and with assistance from Penny Velander (NFDC). Assistance with the cost of producing the plan was received from Awards for All, New Forest District Council and the Beaulieu Parish Council.

Photographs supplied by members of the committee.

MAY 2008