Parish Meetings

Beaulieu Parish Council meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 6.30pm in Beaulieu Village Hall.. An agenda is posted in advance on the village notice board. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

The annual meeting to report on the previous year and look forward to the coming year is normally held at 6.30pm on the third Thursday of April every year.

Minutes of meetings in 2017

Jan 2017  pdfAgenda_BPC_Jan_2017.pdf  pdfMinutes_BPC_Jan_2017.pdf
Feb 2017  pdfAgenda_BPC_Feb_2017.pdf  pdfMinutes_BPC_February_2017.pdf
Mar 2017  pdfAgenda_BPC_March_2017.pdf  pdfMinutes_BPC_March_2017.pdf
Apr 2017





May 2017





Jun 2017



Jul 2017  pdfAgenda_BPC_July_2017.pdf  pdfMinutes_BPC_July_2017.pdf
Aug 2017  No Meeting  No Meeting
Sep 2017  pdfAgenda_BPC_Sept_2017.pdf  pdfMins_BPC_Sept_2017.pdf
Oct 2017  pdfAgenda_BPC_Oct_2017.pdf  pdfMinutes_BPC_Oct_2017.pdf
Nov 2017  pdfAgenda_BPC_Nov_2017.pdf  pdfMinutes_BPC_Nov_2017_.pdf
Dec 2017  pdfAgenda_BPC_Dec_2017_1.pdf  pdfMinutes_BPC_Dec_2017.pdf