Chairman's Blog

Last evening we held our Annual General Meeting followed by our regular Beaulieu Parish Council meeting at the village hall. It was the first ‘physical’ meeting the Council has had in over a year. It was well attended by parishioners and at long last a sense of normality has started to return.  


This was my first Council meeting as Chairman, following Frederick Norris’ retirement from the Council after some 8 years as chairman. He provided great leadership and outstanding service to the community. Many thanks Frederick – you are a very difficult act to follow!


We expressed a warm welcome to Mike Dolbear, attending his first meeting as councillor. With his considerable knowledge and experience, Mike will make a great contribution. 


So, as incoming chairman, people have been asking me what do I see as important? In short, the Parish Council is your 1st tier of local government and closest to serving your best interests in all council matters. We must do our work with an independent eye, speaking on behalf of all our local community on the key issues of the day to help shape a safe and thriving future for us all, especially: 


  • Supporting you in whatever way we can on the route out of the pandemic
  • Helping our local businesses recover and flourish
  • Now, and in the coming years, embracing the demands of biodiversity and environmental sustainability


We are all custodians of the New Forest. Central to that custodianship is the preservation of its pastures, heathland and forest areas. This is for the benefit of everyone to enjoy for generations to come and a key priority for the BPC. The Beaulieu Parish is a magnificent area in which we all live and work. We must ensure our heritage here is preserved and respected.

Communication is essential and we shall be looking to ensure that there is an effective 2-way communication process on the key issues of the day. To start this process off please do contact me with your thoughts and priorities – I look forward to hearing from you!


Nick Hubbard 


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