Chairman's Blog

Chairman’s Report.

This year there has only been one change of personnel on the Parish Council.

We welcomed Sami Blastock to the Council at the end of 2016 by means of co-option enabling her to fill the casual vacancy and thus enabling us to field a full council.

In re-reading last years report to council I notice I started my report 2 years ago with optimistic remarks about the imminent roll out of high speed broadband only to add last year that the project continues to be beset with problems due to the unique and sensitive nature of the New Forest National Park. In October I therefore made a presentment at the Verderer’s Court regarding the installation of Beaulieu 1 Cabinet. The Verderer’s did not object and permission for Beaulieu1 was granted. Beaulieu 1 is now somewhere on the BT work stack, yet to be delivered. I am still trying to get clarification regarding the High Street in Beaulieu. During the year the Buckler’s Hard high speed broadband cabinet opened for business.

April saw the presentation by Councillor Steele of her updated report on parking in the village. At that Parish Council meeting Colin Read and Edward Heron were in attendance. Following that event it was decided to form a working party of councillors and representatives of Beaulieu estate, Beaulieu traders and residents. This working group met on the 4th July followed by a second in August and a third on the 15th September. Progress has been slow but so far Beaulieu estate mounted some temporary signage in the high Street regarding restricted waiting. This has proved successful. They further permitted land west of Patrick’s Patch to be gravelled for use as an off the street parking for Fairweather’s staff. We have been able to arrange for a change in our village car park. NFDC have agreed to change eleven unrestricted bays to 3 hour parking only. A further commitment has been made by Beaulieu estate for 20 spaces for residents and traders parking in Haywards field. To enable this to work the council will be looking for further short term kerbside parking in the High street. Keeping Beaulieu Village viable is very important to the Parish Council and maintaining a high turnover of parking in the High

Street, keeping it fluid rather than it going solid, will hopefully help to achieve this objective.

Not only do we want a vibrant community we want to keep Beaulieu safe. Neighbourhood watch never attracted much support from the community. Following discussion on council it was decided to consider CCTV.

In 2014 we contacted local residents about our proposals for cameras, after some objections, unfortunate events in the community gained us support. Two cameras were mounted on the North face of the Montagu Arms for a trial period. This proved unpopular with the conservation officer at the NPA and we were advised to take them down and repair the damage we had occasioned to a listed building. However due to determined efforts by Councillor Fairweather an application to grant planning permission due exceptional circumstances was submitted in December with good local support. Planning permission was granted and installation will take place on the 11th May 2017.

Other matters, speed of traffic in Palace Lane amongst other places is becoming a problem again. During January we paid for a deployment of a ‘SID’ in Palace Lane within the 30mph limit. It established of 4000 vehicles leaving the village on the B3054 only 500 were keeping to the speed limit.

We managed with partners to get the High Street cleaned for the Victorian Christmas Fair. I am grateful to those councillors who oversee and help with the three gardens and raise and lower our civic flags.

In November I had the Honour of laying the Parish Council Wreath on Remembrance Sunday. During the year I attended the NPA Quadrant meetings and some of us attended the NPA planning workshops. Several site visits were undertaken during the year by the councillors.

The general housekeeping of the Parish Council continues in an unmarked fashion. Many of the things we do you would not notice until we stop doing them.