Chairman's Blog

On the 29th August I attended a meeting at East Boldre Village Hall called by Councillor Ken Thornber, County Councillor Brockenhurst Division to discuss the delayed roll out of the fibre optic cable and cabinets for the South East area of the New Forest.
In addition to the South East area Parish Council Chairman two representatives from HCC were present, Neil Jones the assistant director CCBS-Business Services and Glenn Peacey, Hampshire Broadband project manager. A representative from BT was also present.
An impressive power point talk was given by Glenn Peacey using up-to-date maps of the roll out in Hampshire. This information is available to all by visiting the website
Without going into all the tedious detail about the delay in delivery of broadband in our area it is because we are unique. There are so many statutory bodies, quangos and government agencies that have to be consulted, many of whom have raised objections, which has contributed to the delay. In the case of our parish most have now been overcome.
The good news is most of our Parish will be getting broadband but there are some areas that at the moment are outside the scheme. However, for those who are there is some further good news. We are the only parish getting fibre optic to premise. This should make for some very fast broadband speeds for our village. Hopefully by January.
The speaker in concluding did say if you want superfast broadband buy a house in Beaulieu!