Chairman's Blog

At the last parish Council Meeting 19/3/2014 we had a visit from our local policeman with a report on local crime news. We have had three reported crimes in our Parish since Christmas, probably the most serious was marine equipment from boats on the Beaulieu river. The Councils attention then turned to the earlier problems of theft in the High Street last year.
On Tuesday 2/4/2014 five of us met with a local security company to discuss security in the High Street and following a walk around the area have come up with a plan and an estimate of cost.
We are proposing that two cameras are placed in the High Street. They would record 24 hours a day and recordings would be kept for one month and then would be taped over. One camera could be mounted in the Montagu Arms/Abbey Stores area and would look up the High Stree, the other would be located at the southern end of the High Street looking along and down the High Street. We would need to site an Alnet Network Digital Recorder somewhere close to the cameras and it would be good for the monitor to be located in a high profile public place. How about the pub? or the Post Office? 
By doing this we are making it more difficult for thieves, it will make them think twice about committing crime in Beaulieu. We would have a record of all activity in the High Street every hour of the Day. We are also able to access our cameras from our home computers, another thought is to have live screening on our Parish website. The cost of this project is estimate at about £2000 plus Vat and so serious consideration will have to be given to finance. Perhaps businesses and residents in the High Street would consider helping out with funding? By working together in the community we can do it!