Chairman's Blog

The committee room in the village hall was full to capacity for our meeting on Wednesday the 19th March. So full it prompted discussion about moving to a larger venue. The Church Hall was one alternative meeting place suggested, however following a short presentation by the Chairman of the Beaulieu Village hall, Mr Steve Green, a solution may be at hand. Following input from our County and District councillors, we are probably going to move our meeting nights to Tuesday and hold them in the main hall. This will avoid clashing with other noisier organisations that use the hall during our Wednesday meetings and allow more room for spreading out hard copy of important planning applications, some of which can be large. It then occurred to us to use the new big screen equipment that the village hall has, to display planning applications directly from our website which would make viewing for all so much easier. It has been further suggested that we could edit and update the website during council meetings. My thoughts now have gone forward to consider live streaming of our meetings! Things e wise are moving forward, leading to an exciting and challenging future. It is very important that people use the parish website, the more it is used the more successful and useful it will become.