Chairman's Blog

I read an article from HM government encouraging parish councils to make sure they were practising good e-government. This was mostly about having an up-to-date website packed with useful information and communicating in a paperless fashion ... ie. emails.

So now there is a policy .... We, the Beaulieu Parish Council, have to formulate a plan.

I was aware that we had a website, which had had a lot of good work put into it.  It contained lots of information, which was regrettably out of date. The website was constructed in 2008 and was showing its age. Although the minutes were posted regularly after every meeting, the councillor who had volunteered to undertake this task, was struggling to upload the information. The reason the website was so outdated was that nobody on the council had the expertise to manage the site properly.

In the last five years information technology has become more user-friendly and easier to access. Most people seem to run a Facebook account and wishing to avoid costs of bringing in a consultant every time to update matters, I thought about a new website which we could run and control ourselves.

Some members of the council have undertaken some basic training. It is quite exciting, as we are beginning to discover lots of useful new things to enhance our site. We are also developing new skills ourselves and are lucky to have found a local man who designed and developed this website and enthusiastically supports us.

Watch this space!