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NFDC March update

New Forest District Council

In this communication:   

  • Preparing to vote in May
  • Cost of living information and advice
  • New extra care housing in New Milton
  • Totton regeneration
  • Recycling and rubbish
  • International Women’s Day, 8 March
  • Promote your Coronation event

Preparing to vote in May

From mid-March, voters in the New Forest will start to receive their poll cards in the post for the 4 May 2023 district and parish elections.

The poll card looks a little different this year. Instead of an A5 card, it will be an A4 piece of paper in an envelope.

The poll card now contains more information including a full list of accepted forms of photo ID that you’ll need to be able to cast your vote at a polling station. It also explains what you need to bring with you, and where you need to go to vote.

Some polling stations have changed. Please check where yours is as you can only vote at your assigned polling station. We have previously written to the 16,000 people whose polling station has changed. Your card will also explain your options for voting if you are unable to attend the polling station.

Read more about accepted forms of photo ID, and find your polling station, on our website at

Cost of living information and advice

Pet health care costs

It can be overwhelming when your pet is unwell and you’re worried about money. Seeking advice from the vet quickly will likely reduce costs overall and be best for your pet’s health. The RSPCA offer information and advice about steps to take, including seeking help and support from animal charities who can help owners struggling with vet bills. Read more at

Applications for an energy discount

Households who haven’t received their £400 energy bill support as they do not have a direct relationship with an energy supplier, may now be eligible to apply through the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding.

Eligible households include off-grid homes, certain park home residents and partially or wholly self-funded care home residents.

We’ve already received over 600 applications for this one-off payment.

To apply, you’ll need to complete a short online form on GOV.​UK. Search “apply for energy bill support if you do not get it automatically” on GOV.​UK if you need any help with making your application. You may be required to provide information and payments will be made within 30 days of making your application.

Jobs fair in Lymington

If you’re looking for work, interested in volunteering, or need some support with the cost of living, you can go to a community event on Wednesday 22 March (10am to 2pm) at the Lymington Centre in New Street. This is a free event, open to all, and there will be employers from a variety of sectors, as well as training providers and support services.

For information about the cost of living, including access to food larders and further support, visit our website at

New extra care housing in New Milton

We offer ‘extra care housing’ for those who value the independence of their own home but need additional support for everyday living.

A new extra care scheme, Wooldridge View, is now available in New Milton with 50 homes for people aged 55 and over, providing on site care support, a restaurant, and wellbeing services.

To be eligible, you must have a care need assessed by Hampshire County Council, and a housing need, assessed by New Forest District Council. Check your eligibility on Hampshire County Council’s website at

There is an information event taking place on Wednesday 15 March from 11am to 3pm at the New Milton Cricket Club, opposite Wooldridge View, to find out more about the accommodation and how to express interest in it.

More information about the services Wooldridge View will offer can be found at

To find out more about extra care housing, our partners, and assessments of care needs, visit our website at

Totton regeneration project

Last summer, over 250 people, groups and organisations shared their regeneration aspirations for the area of Totton.

Three areas of Totton were considered for improvement as part of the community engagement work and this includes the Testvale park area, the town centre including the precinct and Commercial Road area, and the older town area near Rumbridge Street and Junction Road.

The results of the engagement work will now form the actions for the next stage of our project to see Totton regenerated.

The full report and details from the council’s engagement exercise can be viewed on our website at

Recycling and rubbish

International Women’s Day, 8 March

International Women’s Day is on Wednesday 8 March.

To celebrate, we have spoken with some of our colleagues to find out about the work they do at NFDC and what advice they would give to anyone wanting to pursue similar careers.

You can read about women working in our climate, ICT, environmental and regulation, outreach, and communications teams on our website:

Find information about working with us and see our current vacancies:

Promote your Coronation event

If you are hosting an activity or event to celebrate the Coronation of The King and The Queen Consort, you can add your plans to a public national map of events. Just complete a short form on the official website:

We’re keen to support our community in celebrating the Coronation. If you’re planning to celebrate the event with a street party, you can apply for a free temporary road closure on our website. Applications will need to be made at least 6 weeks in advance of the road closure date.

Find out more:

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NFDC February update

New Forest District Council

In this communication:

  • Resident survey results
  • Being safe at the coast
  • Cost of living information and advice
  • How to dispose of electricals and batteries
  • New Forest Code
  • Christmas tree recycling results
  • Hampshire Kitchen Heroes
  • Our latest job vacancies

Resident survey results

We’ve released the initial findings of our survey with residents.

The survey asked about a range of topics, like climate and the environment, living in the area, safety, and access to council services.

We will be doing a lot more analysis and work with the data to see what it is telling us, but early results are positive, with some clear improvement areas identified:

  • 96% of residents feel very or fairly safe in their local area in the day, and 73% after dark
  • 93% of residents are satisfied with the area as a place to live
  • 89% feel their local area is a place where people get on well together
  • 82% of people who contacted us about an enquiry or problem found it easy
  • 78% are satisfied with the way we run things
  • 75% feel worried about the impact of climate change
  • 74% trust us a great deal or fair amount
  • 66% feel we could do more to encourage households to recycle more
  • 62% feel their financial situation got worse over the last 12 months and 34% report that they are just about managing
  • 60% agreed that we are making the local area a better place to live

Cabinet will be discussing the results at their 1 February meeting (10am) and looking at how they can shape our priorities for the future. You can watch the meeting on our YouTube channel, either live or on playback:

Thank you if you participated in the survey.

Read more, and find out how to give us your feedback at any time:

Being safe at the coast

Our coastal team continue to monitor the coastline after the recent wet and stormy weather.

Significant rainfall amounts since November are likely to impact on cliff stability, particularly at Barton on Sea and through to Milford on Sea.

Our engineering works team cleared the Fisherman’s Walk pathway at Barton-on-Sea and we continue to monitor the area. A section of coastal path has become unsafe and has been temporarily closed between Taddiford Gap and Milford-on-Sea.

If you are visiting the coast, please be aware of the increased risks of cliff failure due to weather conditions. Keep a safe distance from the cliff edge, which can become undercut following cliff falls, as well as the base of cliff, in case of material falling from above.

To learn more about how we manage our coastline, and to find out how to report an issue, visit our website at

Cost of living information and advice

With the rising cost of living, we are working with local partners to help our residents.

There is lots of information and advice on our website at, including:

  • warm spaces available around the district, which are heated, free, and safe to use
  • help with food, such as food banks, community fridges and other support
  • what to do if you, or someone you know, is finding it difficult to pay council tax or other bills
  • support for residents who are rough sleeping or have nowhere to live
  • debt advice and support

Citizens Advice New Forest can also be contacted for advice and support or call 0808 278 7860.

How to dispose of electricals and batteries

Discarded electricals are one of the fastest-growing sources of waste in the world, and the UK.

It’s important that batteries are never added to recycling and rubbish sacks as they can cause fires when crushed in refuse trucks. This includes batteries in items like electrical toothbrushes and watches, which may be hard to spot.

Batteries can be taken to your local tip (also known as Household Waste and Recycling Centres):

You can use Recycle Now’s recycling locator tool on our website to find nearby locations where batteries, electricals, and other household items can be donated or recycled:

If you have a broken electrical item, it could be repaired by volunteers at Repair Cafés, usually for free or a small donation

New Forest Code

The New Forest National Park Authority’s New Forest Code focuses on nine simple ways visitors and residents can help care for our unique place. This includes:

  • keeping your distance from the animals (don’t feed or touch them)
  • taking home litter and dog waste
  • no fires or barbecues
  • keeping dogs under control (don’t let dogs approach or chase any animals)
  • parking only in car parks
  • no wild camping
  • sticking to the permitted cycle tracks
  • driving with care
  • helping wildlife by keeping to the main tracks

Find out more at

Proposed PSPOs – consultation closes in a couple of days

There are two proposed Public Space Protection Orders which you can give your opinion on. These look to ban the lighting of fires and use of barbecues, and the feeding and petting of ponies, horses, mules, and donkeys in the New Forest. Comment here before Friday 27 January:

Christmas tree recycling results

This year, we recycled over 6,500 real Christmas trees at our drop-off point locations.

The trees have been chipped to create mulch, which will be used locally to help retain moisture around plant roots, and to prevent weeds from growing. Mulch gets hot during the composting process so we’re now waiting for it to go brown and cool, so it’s safe to lay around plants. This generally takes a few weeks.

Thank you to everyone who dropped their trees off. It all makes a difference and helps us to reduce our impact on the environment.

You can view information on where to recycle items from home or elsewhere in the district, on our website at

Hampshire Kitchen Heroes

There are lots of ways you can reduce food waste and save money.

Sign up for Hampshire Kitchen Heroes for free, and complete actions for a chance to win a prize at the end of each month, such as shopping vouchers.

As a Hampshire Kitchen Hero, you’ll have access to lots of ideas on how to cut food waste, which you can try individually or as a family or group.

Some things you can do include:

  • keeping a food diary to measure your food waste
  • creating a list to plan your weekly meals
  • checking how long to keep food by understanding date labels
  • playing the ‘Top Chomps’ online game which teaches about the environmental impacts of food waste

Hampshire domestic abuse service

If you, a friend, relative, or neighbour is experiencing domestic abuse, help and access to support is available 24/7.

0330 053 3630 (Call 999 if it is an emergency)

Our latest job vacancies

We are recruiting for a number of jobs at the moment, including fencers, plasterers, carpenters, project managers, admin officers, and team leaders.Search all our current jobs and apply at

Please share this email with your family and friends. They can sign up to receive them in future at

Engagement with victims of sexual violence

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary launch survey to improve engagement with victims of sexual violence


Did you know that crimes against women and girls have increased by nearly a quarter across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight when comparing 2020 to 2021? That is according to recent analysis by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary.These offences – which include rape, sexual assault, domestic abuse, domestic violence, stalking, and harassment amongst others – have accounted for more than a quarter (27%) of all crime committed in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight during 2021.The analysis also found that overall, approximately 10% of offences against women and girls are deemed to be violent in nature.As a result - in conjunction with City University London and a host of other UK forces – Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Constabulary has launched a Victim Survivors Police Experience Survey for rape and other sexual offences. The survey aims to improve the ways in which we engage with victims of rape and other sexual offences, and thereby improve the victim-survivor experience of the police investigation and criminal justice process.The short, anonymous, online questionnaire will seek to gauge the person’s experience and satisfaction of their interaction with the police and lead to recommendations to the Constabulary, and the Home Office, in addressing how to improve police engagement with victims of sexual violence.As part of the survey – which will last approximately six months – it will see victims who have (or have had previous) experience in reporting a rape or other sexual assault to the police be invited to participate in a Victim Survivors Police Experience Survey.The survey can be accessed via the City University London’s dedicated survey webpage.Detective Superintendent Ellie Hurd, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary lead for rape and serious sexual offences, said: “Rape is one of the most complex and challenging crimes we deal with within the criminal justice system.“It is one of our top priorities as a force and we work incredibly closely with partners such as the Crown Prosecution Service, Treetops Sexual Assault Referral Centre, victim support and victim advocacy services in order to provide the best possible service to victims of rape and serious sexual offenses.“Our officers and staff are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for victims, but we recognise improvements are needed when it comes to measuring victim satisfaction; alongside making strides in improving how engagement with victims of rape and other sexual offences is handled. “That is why I am delighted to announce our research pilot with City University of London and hope that this will provide us with some tangible results, and core recommendations, to continually improve the service that we provide to victims of rape and other sexual offences.“It is hoped that the findings of the pilot will allow us to implement key learnings locally, which may contribute to better policing responses provided to victims, increasing confidence in victims reporting offences and providing sufficient evidence to put perpetrators in front of the courts in order to get justice for victims.“Rape and other sexual offences are really, really traumatic and impactive crimes, and this survey will inform improvements to our approach to policing these offences now, and in the future.“We want to reassure victims of these offences that if rape and other sexual offences are reported to the police, that we take it incredibly seriously. We will treat, and do treat, victims with respect.“We want to inform and empower you, and support you to make choices, and to work with us through the criminal justice system.“We will continue to work in partnership with CPS Wessex to identify offenders and get justice for victims of rape and serious sexual assault cases where the evidence allows, and where that is what the victim wants.”Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner, Donna Jones, said: “Understanding victim’s journeys from that first call for help, and every step in the criminal justice system that follows, is absolutely paramount for police to bring about long lasting change to how they manage rape and sexual assault investigations.“As Joint Victims Lead for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, I have been calling for change in the way rape and sexual assaults are investigated, specifically improving support for victims and the way police and the CPS work together to take cases to court.“As Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, I am really pleased my force is leading the way as one of the first forces in the country to actively seek out victim’s voices and ask for independent scrutiny to improve their service.“I will be reviewing the feedback and ensuring views of those who have been brave enough to share their experience are listened to and acted upon.”Dr Katrin Hohl from City University of London, and Principal Investigator of the study, said: “Listening to survivor voices is central to improving how police interact with survivors of rape and other sexual offences. This survey will provide valuable insight into current survivor experiences of the police process, allow holding police forces to account on survivor experience, and to give police forces concrete pointers on what they are already doing well, or needs improving.”“The survey has been development over twelve months with extensive consultation of survivors, survivor support organisations, academic experts and police partners.”“Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary is one of the first forces in the country to actively and widely promote the survey as it launches in January 2023, and to encourage survivors whose case has been investigated by the force to take part, thus enabling survivor voices to be heard and acted upon. This is a really positive step.”Deborah Gearing, Independent Sexual Violence Adviser Manager at Hampton Trust, said: “It isn’t easy for survivors to speak out, we are encouraging everyone to take this opportunity to have a voice, share their views and provide feedback of their experience of the criminal justice system.“We aim to enhance the experience for all survivors reporting sexual offences. Hampton Trust offer support to anyone on the Isle of Wight who has been subjected to sexual violence and abuse. If you require support, please the ISVA service at Hampton Trust This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”Kat Friend, Operations & Engagement Manager at the Victim Care Service, said: “It is vital that survivor’s voices are heard and their experiences are taken into account, and we encourage those who feel able and comfortable sharing their experiences to do so in this survey.“We know that for many this may be difficult and survivors should know that help and support is always available. Our specialist Support line can be reached 24/7 at” Tracey Stovold, Independent Sexual Violence Adviser Lead at Yellow Door, said: “We would encourage survivors and victims to use the power of their voices to share the changes or improvements that they feel is needed in the criminal justice system.“It is also an opportunity for victims or survivors to provide feedback on what is working well so we can share the good practice with others. If you require support please contact Yellow Door via 

To find out more information about Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary’s Victim Survivors Police Experience Survey, or how to get involved, please visit

NFDC January update

New Forest District Council

Dear resident 

In this correspondence: 

  • Future changes to recycling and rubbish services
  • Photo ID required at elections
  • Cost of living information and advice
  • Mental health support
  • Consultation on proposed Public Space Protection Orders
  • Recycle your real Christmas tree at our drop-off points
  • Winter illness advice
  • Have your say – Christchurch Bay

Future changes to recycling and rubbish services

In July 2022 our new waste strategy was approved, which will see us making changes to recycling and rubbish services in the future.

We are now planning to introduce garden waste wheelie bins in 2024.

Wheelie bins for all other recycling and rubbish collections, and separate food waste collections, are planned from 2025. We will also be collecting more items for recycling, like plastic pots and tubs.

To make all planned changes to the service we are reliant on new recycling sorting facilities in Hampshire, which are currently expected from 2025.

We will continue to provide our assisted collection service for households who need support taking refuse to the edge of their property. And later this year, we will be surveying properties across the district to identify which will need alternatives to wheelie bins.

You can read about planned changes to recycling and rubbish services, including the research and resident engagement that was done, on our website:

We will write to all garden waste customers later this year, with full details of the new garden waste service with wheelie bins, which will begin in April 2024.

Our garden waste service for this coming year will start in April 2023 and continue with reusable sacks. We will soon be sending renewal reminder letters to all current garden waste customers.

We will be discussing the new service at our Environment and Sustainability Overview and Scrutiny Panel meeting on Thursday 12 January at 2pm. You can watch the meeting live on our YouTube channel, or on playback:

Photo ID required at elections

The district and parish councillor elections are on 4 May 2023.

A change in the law means you will need to bring photo ID to be able to vote at your polling station.

It is likely that you will already have a suitable form of photo ID to use for this ‘voter ID’.  Examples of some of the accepted forms of photo ID are a UK passport, driving licence, blue badge, or local travel ID, such as a bus pass.

If you do not have an acceptable form of photo ID, you will be able to apply for a free voter photo ID certificate on the gov.​uk website from 16 January. Paper application forms will also soon be available from us.

The Electoral Commission, who are the body that oversee elections nationally, will be issuing lots of information and advertising about this in the coming weeks and months. To find out more, visit their website:

We will also be advising our residents on this new requirement and providing more information, including a full list of accepted ID.

Cost of living information and advice

‘It All Adds Up’ energy saving campaign

The government has recently launched the ‘It All Adds Up’ energy saving campaign to help you save money. Some of the tips include:

  • turning your combi boiler flow temperature down to 60°C (saving up to £100 a year)
  • lowering your washing machine temperature from 40°C to 30°C (saving up to £40 a year)
  • if you have a smart meter, you can download apps to help you track your energy use

Read more advice at

Warm Spaces this winter

A range of Warm Spaces are available around the New Forest and are heated, free, and safe to use, providing a warm welcome to all. A list of Warm Spaces available in the area is available on our website:

Mental health support

The start of the year can be a difficult time, and it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of your mental health this winter.

If you need mental health support, Hampshire County Council provide both general wellbeing advice and tailored, specialist help. A full list of the support available can be found on their website:

If you run a Hampshire based business or organisation and would like to improve the mental wellbeing of your community, you can sign up to join the Chat About scheme for free.

By joining, you’ll work to provide a safe and welcoming space for local people to meet and chat with others and help reduce loneliness within the area. All staff taking part are also required to complete mental health training modules to spot the signs of mental illness and learn how to signpost to the support that is available.

To find out more and join, visit the Hampshire County Council website:

Consultation on proposed Public Space Protection Orders

There is a public consultation about two proposed Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) for the New Forest area.

The proposed PSPOs concern the lighting of fires and use of BBQs principally on the Crown Lands managed by Forestry England, and the feeding and petting of ponies, horses, mules, and donkeys in the New Forest.

Read background information and complete the online consultation forms on our website, until 27 January:

Findings of the consultation will be reported at our Cabinet meeting in Spring 2023.

Recycle your real Christmas tree at our drop-off points

You can still take your real Christmas tree to one of our drop-off sites across the district until Sunday 15 January.

We will recycle your tree by chipping it to create mulch. The mulch will be used locally to help retain moisture around plant roots, and to prevent weeds from growing.

Please take decorations off trees first, leave in designated bays only, and place the tree as far back as possible in the bay.

Find the address for your nearest Christmas tree drop-off site on our website:

Winter illness advice

Winter illnesses continue to circulate at high levels. Following simple steps can help protect children, minimise the spread of illness in education and childcare settings, and protect wider communities.

The UK Health and Security Agency are reminding people to keep unwell children with a fever at home until they feel better, and the fever has resolved. Adults should also try to stay home when unwell and if there is a need to go out, they are encouraged to wear a face covering.

Flu vaccinations are still available for all eligible groups and are the best protection against the virus. There has been good uptake in older age groups but vaccination among young children remains low.

Eligible children include:

  • those aged two and three on 31 August 2022
  • all primary school aged children
  • some secondary school aged children

More information about getting children vaccinated against flu can be found at

Have your say – Christchurch Bay

There are still a few days left to give your views on the proposed shortlist of flood and erosion risk management measures for the coast, from Hengistbury Head Long Groyne to Hurst Spit, including Christchurch Harbour.

Take part in the online survey until 15 January at

Find out more at

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