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Adder Bites

Hythe and Dibden Parish Council are reporting 4 dogs bitten by Adders in the Forest.
Advice from Seadown Vets .... If your dog is bitten by an adder take it to the vet  immediately.
Seadown stresses adder bites are rarely fatal.
The NHS has advice what to do in the event of you being bitten by an adder ... information on this website. http/
Warmer weather is making the adders wake up.
Adders and flower Reptile Centre 70

Unholy mess!!

Posters by an unnamed pressure group are appearing around the Parish regarding the big influx of cyclists into the area over the week-end 12th/13th April. There are two further occasions this will happen this summer. The cyclist are probably not doing anything illegal but are annoying local residents and visitors because they are considered to be abusing the tranquillity and quiet enjoyment of the Forest. The cycle event is set to come through Beaulieu. Sunday is Palm Sunday and the Church traditionally assembles at the top of the High Street and parades with a donkey to the Church.( Start time 9.30 am) This year we are being joined by the Bishop of Southampton. Our only hope is that the cyclists do not arrive too early in Beaulieu otherwise we may have a very "unholy Mess !"


Beaulieu Residents Association

At the Beaulieu Residents Association's AGM on Friday March 28th Robert Gayner stepped down as Chairman and handed over to Adam Mills. Robert had completed two three year terms, during which time he attempted to increase the membership across the parish. Adam Mills, who was  co-opted on to the committee in April 2013 has been elected the Chair for an initial three year term. Adam lives at St Leonards Farmhouse with his wife, Patricia, they are both very active in local societies.
Contact details for Adam:
Address. St Leonards Farmhouse, Warren Lane, Beaulieu, Hampshire. SO42 7YF.
Tel: 01590 616329 
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shocking News !!!!

At the Parish Council meeting last Wednesday 19th March, we were shocked to hear the electrifying news that the Beaulieu River is to be closed in July. We are informed that the big electricity cable at Lepe which carries power to the Isle of Wight is to be renewed. This will result in the river entrance being closed to shipping for one day. However you can find out more by attending a drop in session which is running at the Montagu Arms 10.00am to 2.00pm on Saturday 29th March 2014.

Mouth of River

Beaulieu Village Telephone Box

Telephone Box 2

Most of us locals have probably never even used it but in the High Street there is a very handsome listed red telephone box! The Parish Council have decided that this little historic architectural gem should not be neglected any longer so it has now been cleaned up and the telephone restored to working order. We have also been investigating what other uses it could be put to as we aware that several rural villages have come up with some very ingenious uses for their telephone boxes, such as village information centre, lending library and art gallery to name a few. We are currently investigating whether we can install a heart defibrillator in our box in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation. Beaulieu village is a busy tourist destination, especially in the summer, so we feel this would be a very useful bit of kit to have especially as many of our visitors are fairly elderly. We are assured by the British Heart Foundation and the Ambulance Service that these machines are designed to be easy to operate and come with very clear instructions. Fairweathers’s Garden Centre have very kindly suggested that their ‘ first aiders’ could be trained to operate it. We have also looked into the possibility of installing a cash machine in the box but have discovered this is not possible in a listed telephone box. So perhaps now you will be able to regard our village telephone box in a completely new light and please do not hesitate to let us know if you can think of any other good uses that it can be put to!