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NFDC October Update

New Forest District Council

  • Queen’s Green Canopy
  • Garden waste
  • Help for our residents – Support with the cost of living
  • Youth Employment Hub drop-in support session
  • Residents survey underway
  • Climate action fund open for applications
  • Winter vaccines

Queen’s Green Canopy

Earlier this year, we planted trees at our Appletree Court offices in Lyndhurst as a part of The Queen’s Green Canopy tree planting project.

Originally created to celebrate Her Late Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the project has now been extended to March 2023, to provide people with the opportunity to plant trees in remembrance.

We’ll soon be planting 60 more trees for The Queen’s Green Canopy to provide a long-lasting tribute to Her Majesty, and green spaces for our local communities to enjoy.

Subject to weather conditions, work will take place during the tree planting season, which typically runs from October to March. Trees will be planted in areas across the district, such as Fawley, Milford on Sea, Ringwood, Hythe, and New Milton.

Trees for the initiative have been chosen for their suitability for the local area and climate. Species include oak, cedar, birch, and pine.

Read more about The Queen’s Green Canopy at:

Garden waste

You can now sign up for the 2022/23 fortnightly garden waste collection service subscription year.

For fortnightly collections starting any time from Monday 3 October, up to Friday 31 March, the following costs apply:

  • First garden waste sack, £25
  • Cost of extra garden waste sacks, £13.50 each

When you join the service, you will have fortnightly garden waste collections up to Friday 31 March 2023, and then have the option to subscribe for the next year.

Join the garden waste collection service:

Once you join the service, you can find your collection dates online at

Help for our residents – Support with the cost of living

Council Tax support

If you are on a low income, the Council Tax Support Scheme can help towards paying your Council Tax.


Energy Price Guarantee for families and businesses starts soon

From 1 October, a new ‘Energy Price Guarantee’ will mean a typical UK household will now pay up to an average £2,500 a year on their energy bill for the next two years. This is automatic and applies to all households. You do not need to do anything as the discount is automatic.

The new price guarantee is in addition to the Energy Bill Support Scheme (EBSS), which provides a £400 non-repayable discount to households over 6 monthly instalments from October.

If you are on a prepayment meter you’ll get the discount either by a voucher, sent by text, email or post, or an automatic credit when you top up at your usual top up point. Your electricity supplier will let you know how you will get your discount. Households that do not use gas to heat their homes will also receive support.

More information on the government’s cost of living support can be found at

Pension Credit

Around a third of eligible pensioners don’t claim Pension Credit – often because they don’t know they can or that they need to.

People of State Pension age may be entitled to Pension Credit even though they may have modest savings, or a retirement income or own their own home.

An award of Pension Credit can provide access to a range of other benefits such as help with housing costs, council tax, heating bills and for those aged 75 or over, a free TV licence.

Find out if you’re eligible and how much you could get at

Read more and apply at or call 0800 99 1234 (calls are free).

Citizens Advice New Forest has trained advisers who can help you with making an application. Contact them on 0808 278 7860 or visit one of their local offices at Lymington, Hythe, New Milton, Ringwood or Totton. For more details see

£2 bus fare cap

The government is providing funding to cap single adult bus fares to £2 per journey from January to March 2023. This will help with travel costs for work, education, shopping and appointments.

More information can be found at

Money Navigator Tool

Access money and debt guidance for free with Money Helper UK at

There is information on:

  • what issues individuals need to deal with first
  • ways of staying on top of bills
  • how to find extra support
  • where to get extra help

More information and advice on cost of living can be found on our website at

Youth Employment Hub drop-in support session

Are you 16 – 24 years old and looking to take that first step on the job ladder or get back into work, or know someone who is?

The Central and West Hampshire Youth Employment Hub are hosting a drop-in support session at New Milton Community Centre on Friday 7 October from 5 to 7pm.

The team will be available to discuss how you can gain new employment skills, find training courses, job opportunities, apprenticeships and much more.

Find out more on our website:

Residents survey underway

From now until November, we are carrying out a telephone survey.

The survey is asking questions about the local area and a range of council services.

If you are called, it will be an 01663 number, from a company called DJS.

More information, and how to tell us your views if you do not get a phone call, is available at

Climate action fund open for applications

The National Lottery Community Fund’s Climate Action Fund is making up to £8 million available to community projects across the UK that are focusing on the link between nature and climate.

Groups can apply for National Lottery funding of up to £1.5 million over two to five years to support place based and UK-wide partnerships that use nature to encourage more community-led climate action and help communities tackle climate change.

More information and how to apply:

Winter vaccines

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is urging everyone eligible for a free flu vaccine and a COVID-19 booster vaccine to take up the offer as soon as possible.

In addition to the predicted flu wave, the UKHSA has early indications that COVID-19 rates are beginning to rise ahead of winter.

For all those who are eligible, taking up both the COVID-19 booster vaccine and the flu jab is an essential form of protection against the most severe respiratory viruses in circulation this winter.

Read more:

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Read the privacy notice:


NFDC September Update

New Forest District Council

In this communication:

  • Caring for trees
  • 16–24-year-olds: Unlock your potential
  • Tips to reduce waste
  • Reflections from our stand at the New Forest Show
  • Save money on school uniforms
  • COVID-19 autumn boosters
  • The annual canvass

Caring for trees

Since late 2021, we have planted 178 young trees and are planning to plant over 250 more in the coming months.

Have you spotted any around the district? Some of the tree species you may see include oak, birch and cedar.

Most of our tree planting takes place between October and March, due to cooler soil and air temperatures.

Planting a tree is just the beginning as trees need extra care for the first few years of their lives. Once our tree officers have found suitable areas and planted the young trees, the trees need regular water and maintenance to stay healthy.

All the hard work which goes into caring for trees brings many benefits, such as improving air quality and providing habitats for wildlife.

If you would like to plant trees in your own outdoor space, here are some tips:

  • always check you have permission from the landowner before planting trees, and make sure no underground utilities are present, like electric cables and water pipes
  • plant trees during the UK planting season which runs from October to March
  • water trees and check their overall health regularly, especially for the first 3 years after planting
  • support trees with stakes, ties and guards until they are stable
  • apply a thin level of mulch around trees, it can help them to grow

Find more advice at

16 to 24 year olds: Unlock your potential

Help is available to find employment with the Central and West Hampshire Youth Employment Hub for 16 to 24 year olds in the New Forest and surrounding area.

Last week there was an event in Blackfield where young people and their parents or guardians were able to drop in and discuss various career options including apprenticeships and vocational training.

If you missed it, a second drop-in event is happening on 7 October at New Milton Community Centre from 5 to 7pm.

There are also face to face ‘hubs’ in Brockenhurst and Totton.

The Youth Employment Hub can help with:

  • gaining employment skills
  • finding training courses
  • finding job opportunities
  • apprenticeships and traineeships
  • supported internships
  • volunteering and work experience
  • mentoring / coaching
  • finding youth clubs

To book a face to face appointment at a Hub, call 07876 661525 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read more on our website at

Tips to reduce waste

Zero Waste Week starts on Monday 5 September.

If you would like to get involved, here are some resources to help you reduce waste, protect the environment and save money:

Read more:

Reflections from our stand at the New Forest Show

Did you see our ‘environment tree’ at the New Forest Show?

Our life size tree was made of reclaimed wood and was a key interactive element at our Environment Matters stand.

Members of the public were invited to think about their wishes for the planet, reflect on how we can improve things to help the environment, and write these on a leaf to add to the tree.

Many of your thoughts focused on the hope to prevent future littering, to improve recycling facilities, and to reduce pollution. Here are some of your reflections, from the big hopes for our world, to the day-to-day changes people can make:

  • “My wish is for all single use plastic to be banned.”
  • “I promise to pack my own lunch instead of buying a packet and I’ll always carry a water bottle.”
  • “Take a three-minute shower to save water.”
  • Translated from Ukrainian: “Take care of the planet. Save it for our descendants.”
  • “Grow more wildflowers to help the bees.”
  • “I wish there will be more electric cars than fuel cars.”

Climate change presents a challenge for us all. Find out more about what we are doing and discover how you can reduce your own emissions:

Save money on school uniforms

Do you need new school uniforms, or have preloved items which you could donate?

Lots of schools and community groups run uniform swaps and reuse schemes to help with the expense of school uniforms, and to cut down on clothing waste.

You can check to see what’s available in your local area by asking your local schools and community centres directly, or by searching online, including social media for nearby community groups.

You can also find links to reuse schemes and second-hand shops near you at

COVID-19 autumn boosters

An autumn booster of the COVID-19 vaccine will be offered to these groups from 5 September to extend their protection against getting seriously ill:

  • everyone aged 50 years and older
  • people aged 5 years and over in a clinical risk group
  • residents in care homes for older people
  • health and social care staff
  • household contacts of immunosuppressed people
  • unpaid carers aged 16 years plus

If you are eligible for the booster, you should be offered an appointment between September and December. Please wait to be contacted by the NHS, those at the highest risk will be called in first. You should have your booster at least 3 months after your last dose of the vaccine.

Read more information:

If you have not yet had either of your first 2 doses of the vaccine (or a third dose for those with a weakened immune system), you can find your nearest COVID-19 vaccination clinic at

The annual canvass

A reminder that we are contacting households as part of our annual canvass to check voter details are correct and make any changes.

There may not be any changes to make for your household, your form will have more information on what you need to do.

You may have already responded online if you received an email from us in July.

Read more:

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NFDC August update

New Forest District Council


In this communication:  

  • Mowing grass in the district
  • Thinking of making your home more energy efficient?
  • Reducing plastic use with our water refill stations
  • Annual electoral canvass
  • Healthy Start support
  • Protect yourself from loan fee fraud
  • Current consultations

Mowing grass in the district

We cut grass most often between March and October, which is peak grass growing season.

When looking at how, when, and if we cut grass, we need to balance the needs of our local environment, wildlife, and residents and visitors.

For example, in busy public spaces or highway verges, the grass needs to be cut before it reaches a certain height, so the space is safe for public use and to help traffic visibility. We also need to consider impacts on wildlife and pollinators by ensuring we have considered the habitats they require on some suitable sites.

When planning how and when we mow grass, we also have to think about where the grass is, what the land is used for, any accessibility needs, and how the weather may impact it.

Other ways we manage areas include:

  • wildflower meadows – where we encourage native plants and flowers to grow by controlling grass and overseeding with annual and perennial flower seed or plug plants
  • areas where we plant and naturalise flowering bulbs – this can sometimes require that the first cut to be delayed so the bulbs can develop enough to bloom the following year
  • road verges containing rare plants – we cut grass at specific times in the year to support the growth of these plants
  • some waterside areas – longer grass provides shelter and breeding space for animals

We have already created a number of wildflower meadows in the district, such as Arnewood Avenue in Hythe. We’re planning to increase natural habitats like wildflower areas in the district, and reviewing how we can improve our grass cutting to help nature thrive.

If you have any suggestions for areas which may be suitable for wildflowers in the district, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for consideration (where possible we will respond within 2 weeks).

You can find tips on how to make your outdoor space inviting for wildlife and pollinators like bees at

Nearly all roadside verges are owned by Hampshire County Council, and some upkeep is passed on to us, and to town and parish councils. Other land may be owned by housing associations, town and parish councils, or private landlords. 

You can find out if we own areas of grass by searching our online mapping system:

Thinking of making your home more energy efficient?

Home energy efficiency funding

You can apply to receive funding under the Warmer Homes programme to install energy efficient measures in your home.

Homes with a mains gas supply could be eligible for funding up to £10,000, and those who don’t have mains gas could receive up to £25,000.

The measures could include installing insulation, solar PV panels and air source heat pumps, which can help towards lowering energy bills. They will also help in achieving the government’s climate aims of becoming net carbon zero by 2050.

Applications for the funding are now open until March 2023 on a first come first serve basis for those who:

  • live in a house that has an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of E, F, or G
  • have a total household income of £30,000 or less
  • receive a means-tested benefit
  • meet the eligibility criteria specified in the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) flexible eligibility statement of intent

For more information and to apply, visit the Warmer Homes website at

Planning advice for energy efficiency projects

Thinking about extending your home or carrying out minor works? Want to introduce energy efficient measures?

We have new information on our website about energy efficiency planning such as for solar panels, heat pumps, and wind turbines.

And we can offer a free 15 minute session to give you general advice and guidance with one of our duty planning officers.

This is done by phone appointment and includes ways you can reduce your energy use.

Dean, one of our planning experts, has seen a rise in the number of people asking about energy saving changes to their properties recently, “Calls vary, a lot of them are about solar panels but we have also answered questions about wind turbines. There is no one answer in regard to the planning regulations, for example if it’s a listed building, and depending on where and what is being planned. But talking to us early in a project can make it easier, and appointments are usually available within a week.”

To find out more, visit

Annual electoral canvass

Over the past month, we’ve been contacting households to check we have the correct details about who is eligible and registered to vote as part of our annual canvass.

You may have received an email from us and completed your details already.

The next stage is that we will be writing to households we haven’t heard from, to ask residents to update their details.

We legally have to complete the canvass each year to make sure that everyone who is eligible, can join the electoral register.

For more information visit

If you have any questions, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 023 8028 5445.

Reducing plastic use with our water refill stations

Our drinking water refill stations across the district have been popular in the past few weeks. At our Burley and Sea Road, Milford sites, over 1,000 water bottles were filled at each station in the last month alone.

Thank you for helping us reduce the amount of single use plastic being used in the district.

Find out where our drinking water refill stations are:

Healthy Start support

If you’re pregnant, or have a child under 4, you may be able to get help buying food and milk as part of the NHS Healthy Start scheme.

In the New Forest, only 68% of people eligible are claiming this benefit.

As part of the scheme, you get a pre-paid card which can be used to buy milk, fruit, vegetables, infant formula, and pulses. You can also use it to collect vitamins for you and your child.

Anyone who is under 18 years old and pregnant can apply for NHS Healthy Start support.

Alternatively, if you are over 18, you need to be receiving certain government benefits, and:

  • be at least 10 weeks pregnant, or
  • have at least one child under 4

To check eligibility and apply, visit

Please share this information with friends and family who may benefit from this support.

Protect yourself from loan fee fraud

Loan fee fraud is when people pay an upfront fee for a loan they never receive.

It could be a scam if you’re asked:

  • to pay an upfront fee
  • to pay quickly
  • to pay in an unusual way, such as vouchers or money transfer

Always check that the provider is authorised by the FCA before you borrow. See the Financial Services Register at

If you are experiencing any money issues, or want to know what support is available, there is cost of living support on our website:

Current consultations

Please share this email with your family and friends. They can sign up to receive them in future at     

NFDC July update

New Forest District Council


In this communication:

  • Cost of living support update
  • Annual household canvass
  • Be wildfire aware
  • New Forest and Hampshire County Show 2022
  • Youth Employment Hub event
  • Folio: New Forest arts and culture network
  • Community safety events
  • Dog safety advice

Cost of living support update

If you receive means-tested benefits, you will get your first instalment of the cost of living support payment from the government this month.

The government began administering the £326 payment to qualifying low-income households from 14 July, and people should expect to receive the payment by the end of the July.

The payment is part of a government support package to help families on low income with the cost of living pressures. For those eligible, the second instalment will arrive in the autumn.

People who receive tax credits and no other eligible benefits will receive support payments later in the year.

There are different support packages available for people on means tested benefits, pensions, people on disability benefits and to help people with energy bills.

Check your eligibility for support payments at

For general advice and support with the cost of living visit

Annual household canvass

We have started the annual household canvass.

You may have received an email from 'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'. This is a legitimate contact from us as part of the annual household canvass. Every year we have to carry out a canvass of electors to ensure our published register is as up to date as possible.

We start this process in July and it will run until November.

We make contact with households from July onwards, either by email or a letter through the post. Please respond online if you can. This will avoid us having to attempt to contact you in an alternative way.

More information:

Be wildfire aware

The New Forest is currently on extremely high fire alert.

Wildfires are a risk to life and property and cause immense damage to the landscape and wildlife.

If you see a fire, get to a safe place and then report the location immediately to the fire and rescue service on 999.

BBQs and fires of any kind are banned in car parks or any areas of the open forest

New Forest and Hampshire County Show 2022

We will be at next week’s New Forest and Hampshire County Show with our ‘Environment Matters’ stand.

Teaming up with Hampshire County Council, we’ll have games, activities, and displays which will not only be great fun, but provide tips and advice on how to reduce your waste, recycle more, and save money.

At the show, which runs Tuesday 26 July, Wednesday 27 July, and Thursday 28 July, staff will be on hand to explain what gets recycled in Hampshire, how to reduce food and textile waste, and how to start home composting.

You can visit our team, and HCC’s Smart Living waste prevention team, at our stand next to the East Ring.

We are also working with The New Forest Agricultural Show Society to support the Little Rangers education project, which aims to bring families close to nature through Forest School activities. The Little Rangers area will be based in the Forestry England woodland on the showground.

Read more and book tickets at

Youth Employment Hub event

If you or someone you know is looking for a path into employment or training, the Youth Employment Hub can help.

Young people aged 16-24 years, or their parents or guardians can meet with the Central and West Hampshire Youth Employment Hub team:

  • Wednesday 24 August
  • between 2pm and 5pm
  • Gang Warily Recreation and Community Centre in Fawley

The Youth Employment Hub can help young people gain employment skills, find training courses, apprenticeships, volunteering, and internships, and much more.

Read more:

Folio: New Forest arts and culture network

Folio is a collection of creative and cultural organisations based in the New Forest district area who work collaboratively to help creativity thrive in the area.

They are now looking to expand their network to include individuals working in creative and cultural professions, as well as freelancers, business owners and not-for-profit organisations. This will be launched in the autumn with a series of networking events.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in getting involved, you can sign up to the network at

Find out more about Folio at

Community safety events

Join us at our upcoming community safety events to find out how we’re targeting crime and antisocial behaviour across the district.

Each event is taking place from 9am to 12pm at:

  • Hythe Market, Tuesday 26 July
  • Ringwood Market, Wednesday 27 July
  • New Milton Market, Wednesday 3 August
  • Lymington, NFDC Car Park, Thursday 11 August
  • Totton, Shopping Precinct, Wednesday 17 August

You’ll have the opportunity to chat with our community safety team, meet our local policing colleagues and ask any questions you may have.

You can also provide us with valuable feedback by completing our short annual survey.

Future venues and dates are also being arranged.

Dog safety advice

We’re encouraging New Forest residents to share important dog safety messages.

You can download digital and printable information from the Canine and Feline Sector Group website:

  • Be alert – always keep an eye on your dog around children. Never leave them alone together.
  • Be aware – dogs use signals to tell us how they feel. What is your dog telling you?
  • Be safe – any dog can bite. Accidents happen fast.

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NFDC July Update


  • future changes to recycling and rubbish service
  • hot weather advice
  • cost of living support
  • support for Ukraine job fair, 15 July
  • garden waste subscriptions open for new customers
  • shape a vision for the future of Totton
  • discount for residents on New Forest Tour bus travel

Future changes to recycling and rubbish service

Our new waste strategy was approved at our full council meeting.

We will provide an improved recycling and rubbish service from 2024 onwards, and do more to reduce waste in the district.

Hampshire County Council are planning a new facility, expected in 2024. This means you will be able to recycle more from the kerbside, like foil and extra plastics.

We will also introduce brand new weekly food waste collections.

Read about our plans to reduce waste and how the new service will work at

We will keep you updated, and share more information and resources to support you with future changes to the service.

You can contact our waste strategy team with any views or questions by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Keeping safe in hot weather

A level 3 heat-health alert has been issued by the Met Office for the east and south of England. This means there’s a high probability of very hot temperatures until the end of the week.

As the temperature rises, it’s important to take extra steps to stay safe and well.

Keep safe by:

  • drinking plenty of water
  • applying sun cream
  • trying to stay out of direct sunlight in the middle of the day

Elderly people and young children are more at risk of becoming unwell in the hot weather. Look out for signs, and check in with family, friends and neighbours who may be more vulnerable.

For more advice, visit the NHS website at

Cost of living support

Support is available if you’re struggling with the rising cost of living.

The government’s MoneyHelper website offers information for different situations, including if you’re self-employed, struggling to pay bills, or worried about missing payments:

Free debt advice is available from a professional advisor. Find out how a debt advisor can help, and where to find someone to talk to at

The ‘Energy Bill Discount’ is a grant available to everyone living in Great Britain. £400 will be taken off your energy bill from October. The money does not need to be paid back, and will automatically be actioned.

If you need help with childcare costs, bills, housing costs, or finding work, you can see what is available from the government at

You can also find out what support you might be able to get to help with your living costs, and what benefits or financial support you may be eligible for, at

There is also information on our website about the Household Support Fund, and Council Tax Support:

Support for Ukraine job fair, 15 July

We are holding a job fair for people who have come to the UK from Ukraine. Those attending will be able to discuss employment opportunities with local employers.

There will also be advice and information from Jobcentre Plus, Brockenhurst College, Citizens Advice New Forest, and careers advisors.

Translators will be available.

Brockenhurst Village Hall, Brockenhurst, SO42 7RY15 July 2022 between 10am and 1pm

More information about the job fair is available on our website at

Garden waste subscriptions open for new customers

We’re accepting new customers for our 2022/23 garden waste collection service.

Reduced rates are available for joining later in the year.

Customers can also order extra sacks for garden waste, which will be delivered in 7 to 10 working days.

You can subscribe to the service, order extra sacks, and read more information at

Once you have joined the service, please be aware that it can take up to 5 working days for our collection lists to be updated, so you may not receive a collection during that time.

Shape a vision for the future of Totton

We have started a project to shape a long-term plan to regenerate Totton town centre. 

The first phase of the Vision for Totton project is community engagement work, which will run throughout the summer, to gain input from local people and organisations.

Local people and businesses can have their say and share their thoughts about Totton town centre at

A team from Feria Urbanism, the urban design and planning consultancy we are working with on this project, have been out in Totton talking to people in the town centre about the area. Audio recordings of the comments people gave during the street interviews are available at

Discount for residents on New Forest Tour bus travel

If you’re shopping locally and supporting the area’s brilliant small businesses, why not leave the car at home, enjoy some sights, and take advantage of this offer for 25% off New Forest Tour bus ticket prices for district residents.

More information is available at

Please share this email with your family and friends. They can sign up to receive them in future at