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Notice of Election

Election of Parish/Town Councillors

for the Parishes/Towns listed below

CCTV Cameras

Your Parish Council have been running two surveillance cameras mounted on the wall of the Montagu Arms at the bottom of the high street. They are recording vehicle movements during the day and at night and are capable of recording vehicle registration numbers. The results of the recordings were shown at the last Parish Council Meeting and it was felt by most of the council that the cameras will greatly assist in keeping the Village safe. They are very discreetly mounted with the majority of villagers unaware of there presence.
If you are in doubt of the need for security cameras in our village we quote from the Lymington Times a Mr Justin Robinson on trial at Winchester Crown Court.  Asked why he would target houses in Beaulieu, Robertson said: "It's posh, init. It's an earner. I've robbed the butchers there and the clothes shop on the High Street. It's got rich people only, really, who do not know how to protect things"
Enough said.

Broadband Provision

Hampshire Association of Local Councils

The ALC is working with partners to analyse the rural areas of Hampshire, in considering how we all can ensure in the future, that the last 4% of the population get a decent broadband service.

Your support in answering these questions will ensure that your village is included in the analysis, in looking at potential solutions in the coming years.  It is therefore really important for every parish to respond.  Your response to the questions underneath by Friday 24th April 2015 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. would be much appreciated.


1.  How many domiciles (housing and business units) are there within a mile of the centre of the community, or centre of the concentration of houses?

2.  What is the current bandwidth achieved across the community?

  • Less      than 2 Megs
  • Below      5 Megs
  • Below      8 Megs

3.  Is there a telephone exchange in the community?

4.  Are there any business parks in the community?

The more information you can give us, the more compelling our argument with partners to BT will be, for communities not included in the BT programme, to be found a local solution.


Lady Chichester

Lord Montagu's eldest sister, Lady Chichester, died at home in Boldre on the 1st February. She was 93. Anne Montagu was born on 4th October 1921 and with her sisters Caroline and Mary Clare, and brother, Edward, grew up in Palace House when it was still a private home. She was possibly the last person to have any memories of her father John Montagu who died in 1929. Her husband, Sir John Chichester, died in 2007. Their eldest son, Jamie, is tenant of the tree nursery at The Rings in Hartford Wood and of the fishing on the upper reaches of the river.

A memorial service will be held in Beaulieu Abbey Church at 2.30pm on Friday 13th March.

lady chichester 2