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Broadband Provision

Hampshire Association of Local Councils

The ALC is working with partners to analyse the rural areas of Hampshire, in considering how we all can ensure in the future, that the last 4% of the population get a decent broadband service.

Your support in answering these questions will ensure that your village is included in the analysis, in looking at potential solutions in the coming years.  It is therefore really important for every parish to respond.  Your response to the questions underneath by Friday 24th April 2015 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. would be much appreciated.


1.  How many domiciles (housing and business units) are there within a mile of the centre of the community, or centre of the concentration of houses?

2.  What is the current bandwidth achieved across the community?

  • Less      than 2 Megs
  • Below      5 Megs
  • Below      8 Megs

3.  Is there a telephone exchange in the community?

4.  Are there any business parks in the community?

The more information you can give us, the more compelling our argument with partners to BT will be, for communities not included in the BT programme, to be found a local solution.


Lady Chichester

Lord Montagu's eldest sister, Lady Chichester, died at home in Boldre on the 1st February. She was 93. Anne Montagu was born on 4th October 1921 and with her sisters Caroline and Mary Clare, and brother, Edward, grew up in Palace House when it was still a private home. She was possibly the last person to have any memories of her father John Montagu who died in 1929. Her husband, Sir John Chichester, died in 2007. Their eldest son, Jamie, is tenant of the tree nursery at The Rings in Hartford Wood and of the fishing on the upper reaches of the river.

A memorial service will be held in Beaulieu Abbey Church at 2.30pm on Friday 13th March.

lady chichester 2

Beaulieu Pancake Races

On Wednesday 25th of February , the 10th annual pancake races took place in Beaulieu High Street, organised by Jan Hoy. There were teams taking part from Beaulieu School. The Motor Museum and the Montagu Arms. Sadly the Beaulieu Retained Firemen had to pull out at the last minute due to being called out on a “shout”.
Jane Noble, the Head Teacher, and her staff at the school, kept the children well under control, and organised the races.   Frederick Norris with whistle and loud hailer opened the event, cajoled adults into taking part and commentated in his own inimitable way when necessary.  The children had a great time and with a bit of luck in years to come will encourage their own children to continue this age -old custom.   There was the usual pancake tossing competition, the winner, Kevin Clark (a parent) being presented with a “golden” frying pan, suitably inscribed.   The pancakes had as usual been provided free of charge by the Brabazon Restaurant, and the Montagu Arms.  When all had been cleared away, and the road cleared of broken bits of pancakes, stewards, teachers, parents and children (plus 3 passing cyclist who had enjoyed a break from their pedalling) retired to the village hall for a welcome “cuppa” plus, of course, a pancake.
The fun continued into the evening when again the Montagu Arms generously put on an excellent 2 course supper in Monty's. During the evening a very competitive pancake tossing competition took place and was won by young Max Bagszzi, who proudly took home the Frying Pan.
Hopefully next year more Beaulieu residents will be able to attend the event.


Protocol for Reporting at Council Meetings


1. Introduction

1.1 This Protocol provides guidance to members of the public or press who wish to photograph or record proceedings at any of …BEAULIEU……………… Council’s public meetings.

1.2 The Council supports the principles of openness and transparency in the way it conducts its meetings. Sound recording, photographing, filming, and use of social media at meetings which are held in public is permitted:

(a) subject to the provisions of this Protocol; and

(b) provided that the /Chairman  is satisfied that it will not be disruptive or distracting to the good order and conduct of the meeting.

1.3 No restrictions will be placed on anyone using social media at a public meeting subject to the limitations regarding photography and audio/visual recording set out in this Protocol.

1.4 Meetings which take the form of hearings or which discuss sensitive employment or contractual information , may not be suitable for recording due to the nature of some of the evidence given at the meeting. It will be at the Chairman’s discretion to determine whether the recording of a particular meeting will be permitted.

1.5 Failure to follow the provisions within this Protocol may result in the Chairman  refusing to allow the proceedings to be photographed or recorded.

1.6 For the purposes of this Protocol ‘recording’ includes sound recording, photographing, filming, and use of social media. Social media includes, but is not limited to Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

2. Before the meeting

2.1 Those wishing to record proceedings at a meeting are recommended to contact the Clerk as early as possible before the start of the meeting so that arrangements can be discussed and the agreement of the Chairman  be sought.

2.2 The name, organisation (if applicable) and contact details of the person wishing to record proceedings are required and should be provided before the meeting if possible:

3. At the meeting

3.1 Notices will be displayed in the meeting room advising that proceedings may be recorded, and the Chairman  will make an announcement to this effect at the beginning of the meeting if a request has been received.

3.2 Members of the public attending a meeting to ask a question will be deemed to have given consent to being photographed or recorded.

3.3 Members of the public seated in the public seating area who actively object, should not be photographed, filmed or recorded as long as this does not undermine the broader transparency of the meeting.

3.4 Photography or filming must take place from a fixed position in the meeting room approved by the Chairman , to ensure that the view of Councillors, officers, public and press, is not obstructed.

3.5 The use of flash photography or additional lighting will only be permitted if agreed in advance with the Clerk and the Chairman

3.6 Photography or audio/visual recording will be stopped if the Chairman  feels it is disrupting or inhibiting the meeting in any way.

3.7 If someone refuses to stop recording when requested to do so the Chairman will ask the person to leave the meeting. If the person refuses to leave, the Chairman  will adjourn the meeting or make other appropriate arrangements for the meeting to continue without disruption.

3.8 Anyone asked to leave a meeting because they have refused to comply with the /Chairman’s  request to do so, may be refused permission to record future meetings.

4. After the meeting

4.1 Photographs and audio/visual recordings must not be edited in a way that could lead to misinterpretation of the proceedings. This includes refraining from editing the views being expressed in a way that may ridicule or show lack of respect towards those being photographed or recorded.

4.2 If someone fails to comply with this Protocol the Chairman may refuse to allow this person to record any future meetings.

4.3 The responsibility for how any photographs or audio/visual recording is used rests with the person who made the recording and not the Council.





1. The Council supports the principles of openness and transparency in the way it conducts its meetings.

Sound recording, photographing, filming, and use of social media at meetings which are held in public is permitted:

(a) subject to the provisions of the Protocol for Reporting at Meetings;


(b) provided that the Chairman  is satisfied that it will not be disruptive or distracting to the good order and conduct of the meeting.

2. Where recording has been confirmed by the Chairman an announcement will be made at the start of the meeting to advise all participants of the presence and location of any recording devices.

3. If you enter the room after the meeting has started please ensure that any recording does not disrupt the meeting.  If there is such disruption, the Chairman may adjourn the meeting or make other appropriate arrangements for the meeting to continue without disruption.

4. Only the official signed minutes of the council and its committees will be recognised as the formal, statutory and legally binding record of a meeting.



Special Notice from Beaulieu Enterprises

As you may be aware, Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd. has been developing plans for a new exhibition building on the Beaulieu visitor site. This would be situated to the north of the Motor Museum, between the Museum and the Monorail track on the area currently occupied by the Top Gear display.

Before we finalise our proposal and submit a planning application, we would like to give Estate residents the opportunity to view the draft design and give us feedback.

You are invited to look at the proposals on Wednesday 25th February in the John Montagu Building, Beaulieu.

You are welcome to visit at any time between 11am and 8pm, parking in the visitor car parks.

We look forward to showing you the plans and answering any questions you may have.