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On Saturday 4th July the champagne region  became a UNESCO world heritage site.

( Inscription au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO )

There were great celebrations in Hautvillers, as the acknowledged birth place of champagne,  on Sunday 5th July, with marching bands and street parties, as the town is recognised as being the spiritual centre of Champagne .

Patrick Lopez was secretly hoping, when we visited in  May, that this  was going to come to fruition, but was obviously playing the whole thing down just in case it didn’t happen, hence it was not much discussed at that time !

I am sending an email of congratulation on behalf of the committee and members of the BTA  to Patrick Lopez, with request that this be passed on to the Hautvillers twinners.

There is a wealth of coverage on the internet – try and type in Hautvillers

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Seine Netting

Seine netting is truly ancient, depicted in Egyptian wall paintings dating back to 3,000BC and the principles have barely changed in five millennia. Take a net of a hundred yards or more shaped a bit like a tennis net, weighted at the bottom and buoyed by floats at the top. Anchor one end close to shore and then row out into the estuary in a big semi circle before returning to shore. Then draw in the net making sure it remains tight to the bed, making a purse of the net that gradually gets smaller and smaller until you have the entire net up on the shore, hopefully full of fish.
On the Beaulieu river they have been doing this since medieval times, the net deployed on the chime of high tide to catch sea trout, sea bass and grey mullet which are, naturally enough, the property of The Beaulieu estate, the home of Lord Montagu.
Seine Netting 1 Seine netting 2

Beaulieu Twinning 30th Anniversary


Twinning visit 30th Anniversary
The weekend of 15th to 17th May 2015 marked a three day celebration to commemorate 30 years of Twinning
between the village of Beaulieu and Hautvilliers in the champagne region of France.
Gifts were exchanged and champagne sampled with much cake being eaten. One of the highlights on the Friday night was a dinner involving eating of  tete de veau. On the Saturday was a festival of Art which took place in the Rue Martin. A group of Beaulieu Artists took part. There was a formal dinner on the Saturday night with more speciality champagnes being sampled.
The accompanying photograph shows the Maire of Hautvillers, Patrick Lopez with Andrew Rawlings, Chairman of the Beaulieu Twinning Association with Lord Montagu and some members of his family, a representative of Beaulieu Parish Council is also present. Lord Montagu was presented with a medal and was made a Freeman of Hautvilliers.