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Freshwater Habitats Trust

The New Forest has one of the best freshwater environments in the UK and is home to many of our rarest freshwater plants and animals. However it is still vulnerable to issues such as nutrient pollution. To tackle this threat we are trying to raise awareness of the issues and the step we can all take within the home to reduce diffuse pollution. Many steps are very simple and easy to do, such as maintaining septic tanks, and could make a big difference to the ponds, ditches and streams around Beaulieu. 
The Freshwater Habitats Trust have written this piece on behalf on the New Forest catchment Partnership. The partnership is a group of organisations that are working to protect and improve the outstanding freshwater environment of the New Forest. 
You can find out more information on our website

Local Burglary Warning

Our local Beat Policeman has told us that the forest is being heavily targeted for dwelling burglaries. He says that it is not uncommon during the Christmas build up for offenders to travel in from outside the New Forest and target properties that appear blatantly unoccupied.
Ashurst, Brockenhurst and Beaulieu have so far been targeted. He asks that residents lock doors, set alarms where fitted and be alert to properties left empty by their neighbours over the forthcoming festive period.
Thank you.
You can conract our local policeman on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 101.

Beaulieu building restoration work

Building restoration work
Several important features on estate buildings have been the focus of repairs over recent months including the refurbishment of one of the two weather vanes on Palace House and the replacement of the wooden tower on St Leonards Farm buildings. The face of The Old Mill, for many years disfigured by surface wiring, has been improved with the removal of these cables from the roadside wall.

Repairs at Beaulieu Cemetery

Repairs at Beaulieu Cemetery
The first phase of repairs to gravestones in Beaulieu Cemetery at Grindingstones has been completed with a second phase due to be carried out by April. The New Forest District Council undertook to carry out the work as part of an agreement with the estate in which land for an extension to the cemetery was gifted to by Lord Montagu.

Sluice gates overhaul

Sluice gates overhaul
The Beaulieu Estate recently completed the refurbishment of another sluice gate on the mill dam, leaving the last of the five gates to be serviced next year. They have also instructed civil engineers to carry out the inspection of the mill pond and the dam which happens every 10 years in accordance with the Reservoirs Act.
                                                                             Mill Dam