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  • Latest affordable housing in Totton
  • Register to vote
  • February Cabinet meeting
  • Plastic bottle recycling
  • Being prepared this winter
  • Hampshire County Council Future Services Consultation
  • Register your electrical appliances

Latest affordable housing in Totton

We’ve completed our latest social housing development in Totton.

The 12 new homes meet the government’s proposed Future Homes Standard. They include air source heat pumps, triple glazed windows, increased insulation, and electric vehicle charging points.

The development is called Penman House and is named after Councillor Neville Penman. Five years ago, he identified the site as an opportunity for affordable housing after Testwood Social Club closed on Salisbury Road.

Penman House has been financed through our Housing Revenue Account with nearly £700,000 in additional grant funding from Homes England.

The rented council homes will be allocated to people on our housing register. New residents are due to move in from as early as next month.

You can read more information about the development and the Future Homes Standard on our website.

Register to vote

To have your say in elections, you need to be registered to vote.

Registering to vote means that your name appears on the electoral roll. If you are not registered, then you will not be able to cast your vote.

If you are already on the register, you don’t need to register again, unless your name or address has changed.

Find out more and register on the GOV.UK website.

February Cabinet meeting

Our next Cabinet meeting is on Wednesday 7 February.

The meeting will include community grant awards, a Local Plan review, and a financial report.

You can keep up to date with all our upcoming meetings on our website calendar, and access links to watch our public meetings live on YouTube.

Plastic bottle recycling

Any type of plastic bottle can go in your clear recycling sack, including drink and milk bottles, shampoo and shower gel bottles, and cleaning products like bleach and laundry detergent bottles.

Before recycling plastic bottles, remember to:

  • remove as much liquid as you can from the bottle
  • squash the bottle if you can
  • attach plastic lid to the bottle, they can be recycled too
  • do not put plastic bottle lids in your clear recycling sack loose as this can cause processing issues at the recycling facility

How to recycle plastic bottles with a pump:

Some plastic bottles, such as hand soap bottles, contain a pump. The pumps in these bottles contain a spring mechanism which cannot be recycled. If safe, please remove the pump and recycle the plastic bottle. The pump will need to go in your black rubbish sack. If you cannot safely remove the pump, please reuse the plastic bottle or add to your black rubbish sack.

How to recycle plastic bottles with a trigger spray:

Some plastic bottles, like bottles used for cleaning products, contain a trigger spray. You can recycle these plastic bottles with the trigger spray on, you do not need to remove the trigger spray.

Currently, plastic bottles are the only type of plastic you can recycle from home in Hampshire. If you have a different plastic item, you may be able to recycle it elsewhere in the New Forest. For example, many supermarkets collect soft plastics for recycling. Soft plastics include items such as plastic bags, plastic film, crisp packets and sweet bags.

Find your nearest location by adding your postcode to the Recycling Locator tool on our website.

In the future, we are planning to collect more plastic items from households. To do this, we are reliant on Hampshire County Council’s plans for new recycling facilities. Find out more about future changes to our household waste and recycling collections.

Being prepared this winter

Taking a few simple steps can improve your resilience this winter.

  • Locate your utilitiesTake time in the light to learn where your fuse box, gas meter or mains water supply is in your house or flat and how they operate. It’s much easier to know where they are before any potential power cut. These utilities might also need to be switched off if you experience flooding.
  • Check your carIt’s important to ensure your vehicle is safe this winter. Check your fuel, oil, tyres, coolant, electrics and screen wash.
  • Have suppliesIt’s useful to make sure you have basic supplies in stock in case of a power outage. This can include bottled water, medicines, a torch, radio and batteries, copies of important documents, and a first aid kit.
  • Think about your neighboursMake sure to check in with your neighbours to see if they need help any help with the steps listed above, especially if they are vulnerable.

Find more information about how you can be prepared this winter on the Met Office website.

You can visit the Met Office website to sign up for severe weather warning text alerts in your area and get further advice for preparing for all weather conditions.

Hampshire County Council Future Services Consultation

Hampshire County Council (HCC) is asking for your views on the future of some local services.

The public consultation is about options to help meet a £132 million budget shortfall, by April 2025.

You can read more information about the proposals, and take part in the consultation on HCC’s website.

Register your appliances

You can register your electrical appliances online to make sure that you don’t miss a safety notice or recall.

Registering your electrical items means that the manufacturer can easily get in contact with you if the product you’ve brought turns out to have a fault, be dangerous or need recalling altogether.

To register your product, you’ll need the brand name, model, serial number and the date of purchase, or as near to it as you can remember.

Find out more and register on The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances website.

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