Christmas Gifts and help from the Beaulieu Common Good Trust.

The Common Good Trust meets once a year during December to distribute some of the Beaulieu Village Fete revenue. The Chairman is Lord Montagu aided by five further trustees drawn from the village.All village organisations are invited to request an award and these can be as much as £500.

Due to the eclectic mix of village clubs and societies the requests come in all shapes and sizes.Some are for serious capital projects and others running costs for a fun event.

Requests this year include,new chairs for the village hall,funding for a bangers and mash old folks bash, help to publish a book on Tudor Beaulieu, a mower for the cricket club, a projector for the camera group, help with an 'out and about ' program for the playgroup, money to employ a carpenter to build a stage for the village school.

This year all village organisation have benefitted from a disdursement.

It is only by means of great community effort being put into the summer fete in July, held on the lawns of Palace House, that the Trust is able to deliver these benefits

Frederick Norris

Chairman Beaulieu Parish Council and Trustee