On Wednesday 25th of February , the 10th annual pancake races took place in Beaulieu High Street, organised by Jan Hoy. There were teams taking part from Beaulieu School. The Motor Museum and the Montagu Arms. Sadly the Beaulieu Retained Firemen had to pull out at the last minute due to being called out on a “shout”.
Jane Noble, the Head Teacher, and her staff at the school, kept the children well under control, and organised the races.   Frederick Norris with whistle and loud hailer opened the event, cajoled adults into taking part and commentated in his own inimitable way when necessary.  The children had a great time and with a bit of luck in years to come will encourage their own children to continue this age -old custom.   There was the usual pancake tossing competition, the winner, Kevin Clark (a parent) being presented with a “golden” frying pan, suitably inscribed.   The pancakes had as usual been provided free of charge by the Brabazon Restaurant, and the Montagu Arms.  When all had been cleared away, and the road cleared of broken bits of pancakes, stewards, teachers, parents and children (plus 3 passing cyclist who had enjoyed a break from their pedalling) retired to the village hall for a welcome “cuppa” plus, of course, a pancake.
The fun continued into the evening when again the Montagu Arms generously put on an excellent 2 course supper in Monty's. During the evening a very competitive pancake tossing competition took place and was won by young Max Bagszzi, who proudly took home the Frying Pan.
Hopefully next year more Beaulieu residents will be able to attend the event.