Minutes of the first meeting of the BVCE for 2015 and Wash Up meeting for 2014

Apologies: Julie Tatchell, Janine Close who reported that the CET had a successful night taking £537 from the sale of reindeer and snowmen and £246.10p on the cake stall. One problem, which Frederick managed to solve, was the power supply for lighting the cake stall. The animals were well received by the public and locations worked very well. Frederick agreed to organise enough power points at Buccleuch Cottages this year. Victoria Niccolls of Beaulieu Young Farmers really enjoyed being part of the event and the coconut shy raised quite a lot of money. Their offer still stands to renovate and repaint the coconut shy as it is in a bad state of repair. They would love to be involved again if the event takes place this year. Sydney will email Peter Melhuish regarding the coconut shy; Patrick Fairweather, Margie Whitman and Diane Bacon who sent an extensive report.

Frederick has agreed to continue as Chairman but requires a vice chairman to support him. Spencer Bowman was suggested and he will be approached.

Jenny Graefe has resigned as secretary and Sue Nicholas has found a replacement in Anne Hann, who has agreed to take over the responsibilities.

Patrick has agreed to continue as Treasurer for 2015. Frederick read his report and accounts to the committee. Overall income is up at £963. It was agreed to save some of this money, perhaps £100 for childrens’ prizes for the cake competition and presents for ragamuffins and urchins. A cheque for £450 each will be presented to both the Honeypot charity and Waterside Cancer Trust with a respective photo shoot in the village presenting large cheques. This PR proposal was unanimously agreed and resolved. Frederick will contact Margaret Rowles and ask for her support.

Diane Bacon, who is currently still in Australia, has also resigned this year and Frederick read out her report and praised her for the immense amount of work involved in putting together the very successful entertainment side of the event. She suggested that the parade this year should have more music involvement as it was overall too quiet. Many people didn’t know that the parade had started. It was suggested that perhaps a car followed by the Beaulieu Band instead of the sleigh might be viable. John Pockett suggested that a grotto is not necessary, but the children loved climbing on the sleigh when it had finished in the parade. The Punch and Judy show at Fairweather’s was a huge success and perhaps it could also be held in the Village Hall to reduce waiting times. Frederick mentioned Mummers for the next event and this will be looked into.

Lucy Markby had problems with parking for the Morris Dancers and suggested we need more presents for the kids, as Father Christmas ran out and some children were disappointed. It was suggested that perhaps the children and the Warblers sing with the procession. It was agreed to talk to James and to Catherine Crouch regarding a post horn.

Sue Nicholas resigned her position as head of the Victorian Soup Kitchen and recommended it be disbanded for the next event. She reported less profit of only £240, probably due to the clement weather and the number of other stalls offering food on the High Street. Sue also mentioned an organised trip to Chartres on 19th May 2015 and should anyone be interested, to please contact her.

Steve was in agreement to organising another Bygone Beaulieu film evening in the village hall, showing the filming of the event and perhaps photos from Joanne Coulter, for all villagers and everyone involved. This will be with free admission and a bar run by Richard Metcalfe. The date of Sunday 15th February from 6-8pm was agreed upon. Jenny will book the village hall.

In the meantime, this event has been cancelled and Frederick has sent out a respective notice.

Andrew Rawlings reported that the Beaulieu Twinning Association once again had a very successful evening with a most satisfactory profit. The last event had too few helpers and this year rather too many!!

Virginia Curtis reported on the very successful glosticks stall with all types of people buying, not only children. Despite more light being needed and sometimes too many helpers at one time, all went well especially with the sale of glow jewellery.

Virginia has also agreed to take on the task of social media and assist the new entertainments committee. Frederick mentioned a new three part introductory course by the NFDC for social media which Virginia might like to apply for. He will send her the respective link and set up a meeting between Virginia and Spencer.

It was agreed that the Beaulieu Victorian Christmas Event should take place again this year and the date decided upon is:  SATURDAY 28TH NOVEMBER 2015

The minutes of this meeting will also be distributed to Lindy Shanks for inclusion on the Parish website.

Steve thanked Frederick for all his hard work as Chairman and all those present were in unanimous agreement.

The next general meeting will be held in June, but special meetings will be set up when the new entertainments committee is confirmed.

Frederick closed the meeting at 7pm.