Hampshire Association of Local Councils
Superfast Broadband Update

Lobbying and pushing for Broadband speeds across all Hampshire as quickly as possible at a minimum of 6meg(allows iplayer) is the current policy position for the ALC, and it is working closely with the HCC lead member, Cllr Gibson on this subject.  Board Members understand that it is one of our top three priorities.  The latest county position is as below.

 HCC has contracted with BT to fund the gap in the rural areas which would otherwise not have been included in the BT SFB roll-out programme. The summary is as follows:

Hampshire summary :

  • The County Council’s ambition to extend the availability of superfast broadband matches that of the Government and, using funds from its own resources and several partners, it aims to support the provision of additional fibre-optic infrastructure that can deliver superfast speeds to as many extra premises as possible in areas where commercial provision has not been made.
  • Private-sector investment is expected to make broadband services with a speed greater than 14 Mbps available to the majority of business and residential premises in Hampshire. The level of commercial provision is typically described as being in the region of 80% of premises.
  • The County Council and its partners are in the process of adding at least 94,000 extra premises to the number able to access superfast broadband in Hampshire. This represents an increase equivalent to more than 15% of residential and business premises and does not include those premises which can connect to the new fibre infrastructure, but which are not guaranteed superfast speeds (i.e. the number of Total Homes Passed or lserved by fibre’)
  • The first phase of the programme is making superfast speeds available to some 59,500 premises. Over 65kms of new lspine’ fibre and 60kms of ldistribution’ fibre have been laid so far and Hampshire is currently in the Top

5 of all programmes across the country in terms of the take-up by communities of the extra services that have been provided through public intervention.

· The second contract is due to start delivery in 2016 and will add a further 34,500 premises at superfast speeds. This will extend the availability of high speed broadband services to cover more than 95% of premises in Hampshire.

· A lstatic’ map showing the footprint of phase 2 of the programme was added to the Council’s website on 19th December

· Hampshire attracted additional financial support from two other Government initiatives. The former Rural Communities Broadband Fund (RCBF) has enabled additional communities in the Test Valley and the New Forest to be added to the first phase of our programme; and the Innovation Fund will benefit an area to the south and east of Alresford.

· The County Council’s public-facing website includes a more user friendly map that can be searched by postcode. The data behind that map is being updated to reflect the extra coverage and this will continue to be a particularly useful resource for residents.

· Residents who have registered their interest (and their postcode) with the County Council are e-mailed when superfast services become available in their area and the team has now arranged for individual Members to be alerted when new cabinets in their ward go live.

· At present, the second phase of the programme is projected to finish later than anticipated. In part this reflects the scale and resource requirements of the national project as a whole, but the County Council is working with BT and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and Broadband Delivery UK to review the timetable with the aim of bringing the completion date forward.

· Further information about the programme is on Hantsweb and two recent Press Releases summarise the latest position:

Your Contact is Cllr Andrew Gibson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., whom is also the County Link Cllr to the ALC Board, and he last briefed your County Executive in December 2014.