Sunday 3rd of August is the Sunday that the C of E commemorate the start of WW1. We were going to do nothing special; until my cousin reminded me of the Roll Of Honour Board.
This board for many years resided in a corner of the mill. It is quite distressed, shabby chic, and was sign written probably by someone local. It consists of a list of names of benefice men that served in the War, in various regiments or were reservists, remember many were volunteers. The descendants of many of these men are still in our community.
It is quite appropriate that this board instead of being in the SOE museum should be brought back into the community for this week-end.
We will probably allow it to rest in the Abbey Church window between the laid up British legion banners. Sally Brearley is going to do a little floral tribute in front of it. Grateful thanks to Ralph Montagu, who has loaned the Roll of Honour Board to us for the week-end.
Frederick Norris
Roll of Hunour