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NFDC Mid-November Update

New Forest District Council


In this communication:

  • Coronavirus latest
  • Stop COVID-19 hanging around
  • New NFDC Cabinet member
  • Free parking days
  • Grants to tackle climate and nature emergency
  • Rethink your drink
  • Reader survey results

Coronavirus latest

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has again urged people to get vaccinated.

A new wave of covid in Europe:

“A new wave of covid has steadily swept through central Europe and it’s now affecting our nearest neighbours in Western Europe. Our friends on the continent have been forced to respond with various degrees of new restrictions from full lockdowns to lockdowns for the unvaccinated, to restrictions on business opening hours, and restrictions on social gatherings. We don’t yet know the extent to which this new wave will wash up on our shores, but history shows that we cannot afford to be complacent. Indeed, in recent days there have been rises in cases here in the UK so we must remain vigilant.”

The importance of vaccinations:

“If there is one lesson we can draw from the current situation in Europe, those countries with lower vaccination rates have tended to see bigger surges in infection and in turn been forced to respond with harsher measures. Those countries with higher vaccination rates have so far fared better.

If we want to control the epidemic here in the UK and if we want to avoid any restrictions on our daily lives, we must all get vaccinated as soon as we are eligible.

Over time, the protection from two jabs starts to wane, but that third jab boosts protection back up to over 90% against systematic infection.

If you haven’t even had one dose it’s not too late. In fact, it’s never been a better time to get that vital protection as we head into winter. So please, please, go and get vaccinated to protect yourself and others.”

Around 12.6 million people across the UK have had a booster.Find out if you are eligible, and book a first, second or booster coronavirus vaccination at

New Forest coronavirus data:

In the last 7 days (15 November data) there were 804 cases of coronavirus in the district, up by 188 on the previous week. Sadly there were 5 deaths.

Of the New Forest population, 89.4% of people aged 12+ have had their first coronavirus vaccination dose, and 83.1% their second.

You can get the latest data for your area at

Stop COVID-19 hanging around

Ventilation has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the risks of catching COVID-19 this winter.

Watch a 1 minute film which shows the difference in airflow and airborne particle movement when indoors in relation to COVID-19

People with COVID-19 release virus particles into the air whenever they speak, breathe or cough and these can linger in unventilated settings.

These particles in the air linger in unventilated rooms, like smoke, meaning the risk of catching COVID-19 is significantly increased.

You can help reduce COVID-19 levels indoors by opening a window, even for just 10 minutes every hour.

With around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 showing no symptoms, it could be passed onto others without knowing. The act of refreshing air when you’re socialising with people not in your household is even more important to keep infections down:

  • keep interior doors open and open a window in the room you’re sitting in when you have visitors at home
  • routinely open windows to get fresh air moving in your workplace if you’re unable to have them open all the time
  • open a window if you’re car sharing, or air your car out by opening the windows and doors for a few minutes when you arrive at your destination
  • where possible, wrap up warm and continue to meet outside.

Keep the New Forest safe

As well as ventilation, other small but important actions can help protect us against COVID-19:

Information about coronavirus on GOV.​UK:

New NFDC Cabinet member

Cllr Geoffrey Blunden has been appointed as our Portfolio Holder for Partnering and Wellbeing.

The role, which sits on our Cabinet, has health and wellbeing, environmental health, CCTV, and community safety within the portfolio.

You can see the Members of Cabinet, their portfolios, and the councillor/s for your ward at

The next meeting of Cabinet is on Wednesday 1 December at 10.00am

Free parking days

There will be 4 days of free parking in our town and village centre car parks in December.

This is to encourage our residents to continue to shop locally in the approach to Christmas.

The dates are:

  • Saturday 4 December, in support of Small Business Saturday
  • Saturday 18 December
  • Sunday 19 December
  • An additional day in December chosen by town and parish councils – check locally to find out the date

You can see a list of town and village car parks on our website at

Grants to tackle climate and nature emergency

The New Forest National Park Authority is inviting green groups to apply for grants to help fund sustainable living projects in the National Park.

Grants of up to £2,000 are available from the Sustainable Communities Fund (SCF) for projects which:

  • improve wildlife and habitats
  • reduce carbon emissions, or
  • connect new groups of people to nature

Schools, youth groups, and other organised community groups and charities that are either based within the New Forest National Park or include people who live within the boundary can apply.

Learn more at

Rethink your drink

This week is alcohol awareness week, 15 to 21 November.

When stressed or anxious, we can find ourselves drinking more. But the long-term effects of drinking too much can be harmful to your physical and mental health.

Cutting down on how much alcohol you have, even just a little, can be an effective way to improve your health, focus on your relationships, boost your energy and lose weight.

Find tips on how to make a change and find out how many units are in different drinks at

Reader survey results

Thank you to the 617 of you who completed our reader survey recently.

You scored these emails as:

  • useful, 8.9 out of 10
  • easy to understand, 9.14 out of 10
  • containing relevant information, 8.97 out of 10

339 of you made comments, and some of you had suggestions on what else you would like to see in these emails.

We are reviewing all these suggestions and, where we can, we will include the topics in future emails.

Some of the suggested topics do not fall within the remit of NFDC. Here is where to find more information from other organisations:


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NFDC November Update

New Forest District Council


In this communication:

  • Waste and recycling update
  • COP26 – Together for our planet
  • Winter vaccinations
  • Celebrate bonfire night and Diwali safely
  • Youth skills and employment hub
  • Prepare to stop for Forest animals
  • Platinum Jubilee 2022
  • Help prevent localised flooding
  • Fawley chimney demolition

Waste and recycling update

We are preparing for how we can continue collecting different forms of waste and recycling should our current staffing issues get worse.

Today, our Cabinet discussed what steps we can take to ensure we can continue to collect your black and clear sack waste

This may mean temporary changes to how often we are able to collect some types of waste, but there are no changes yet.

Please continue to put out your black and clear sacks weekly, your glass collection box monthly and your garden waste if you are a customer, on your scheduled collection days.

If they are necessary, any changes will be added to our website and on social media.

Our contingency planning may mean:

  • a pause to glass collections
  • a pause to clear and black sack deliveries
  • four-weekly garden waste collections

Thank you for your continued support.

COP26 – Together for our planet

Climate change is affecting all aspects of our lives, and the world we live in.

The COP26 summit is taking place, with world leaders sharing their ambitions and pledges to tackle climate change.

Local councils have a vital role to play in tackling climate change and we declared a climate and nature emergency in October to build on the climate change actions already underway.We are taking a more fundamental look at our activities, with the target of reducing carbon emissions and an ambitious action plan.

Will you take the New Forest climate change and nature emergency pledge?

You can pledge to:

  • cut waste and reduce, reuse and recycle
  • save energy
  • reduce the impact of travel
  • help wildlife
  • follow the New Forest Code
  • shop locally
  • eat seasonally and eat more plants

Join the pledge at

Learn more about COP26 and sign up for their newsletter at

Winter vaccinations

  • Booster coronavirus vaccinations
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Coronavirus vaccinations for 12-15 year olds

Vaccines have helped us build a wall of defence and return to a more normal way of life.

Due to colder weather which favours transmission, experts have warned there could be a significant flu surge this winter coinciding with continuing or rising COVID-19 cases.

This winter it’s vital that eligible people come forward for their COVID-19 booster vaccine and flu jab to protect themselves, their loved ones and the NHS.

Booster coronavirus vaccinations:

A booster is an extra dose of vaccine to help people who have had both doses of the coronavirus vaccination keep their immunity.More than six million people have already had their third dose.

You can get a booster jab if you are:

  • aged 50 and over
  • care home staff
  • a care home resident
  • a frontline health and social care worker
  • aged 16 to 49 years old with underlying health conditions
  • an adult sharing a home with vulnerable people.

Book a booster vaccination:, find a walk-in site:

Flu vaccinations:

More people are likely to get flu this winter as fewer people will have built up natural immunity to it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you get flu and COVID-19 at the same time, research shows you’re more likely to be seriously ill. Getting vaccinated against flu and COVID-19 will provide protection for you and those around you for both these serious illnesses.

Find out if you can get a free flu vaccine through the NHS and where to book an appointment at

If you are not eligible for a free flu vaccination, you can choose to pay at get vaccinated at a local pharmacy. The vaccination usually costs between £10 and £15.

Coronavirus vaccinations for 12-15 year olds:

Nearly half a million children aged 12 to 15 have had the COVID-19 vaccine in schools across England, helping to keep them learning in the classroom.

12 to 15 year olds can now also get the COVID-19 vaccine at a local vaccination centre or pharmacy, as well as at school.

Read more:

Celebrate bonfire night and Diwali safely

Bonfire night can be a fun time to enjoy meeting with family and friends. With this annual event, and Diwali, later this week, we are sharing some advice on how to celebrate safely.

If you do have a bonfire, please follow this advice:

  • Only burn dry, untreated wood and not rubber tyres, plastics or wood with varnish or paint.
  • You cannot get rid of household waste if it will cause pollution or harm people’s health, which includes burning it.
  • Wet garden waste and wood will not burn well and will cause harmful particulate air pollution.
  • Putting rubber, plastics or treated wood, such as pallets, fence panels, laminate, cabinets or furniture on your bonfire can cause harmful fumes.
  • Don’t use flammable liquids like paraffin or petrol to light a fire, or put aerosols, canisters or anything containing foam or paint on a bonfire, as it may get out of control or explode.
  • Don’t leave a fire unattended and keep children and pets away. Have a bucket of water or garden hose nearby in case of emergencies. Once a bonfire has died down, spray the embers with water to stop it from reigniting.
  • Burn dry, untreated wood as hot as possible to reduce smoke. If there is wet weather a bonfire won’t burn as hot and is more likely to smoulder and produce dark smoke, or if it is windy smoke may be more likely to blow towards neighbours or drift across a road and become a danger to traffic.
  • Build a bonfire away from houses, sheds, fences or hedges, trees and overhead cables, to reduce the risk of fire spreading or smoke causing a nuisance to others.
  • Check your bonfire thoroughly before lighting, for small animals like hedgehogs and mice, and make sure your bonfire is away from trees and hedges where wildlife may be sheltering.

Youth skills and employment hub

Employment in young people has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic over the past year and a half.

There is a new support service to help young people across the district develop skills, find training opportunities, seek advice on employment, and enhance their career prospects.

‘The Central and West Hampshire Youth Employment Hub’ is a partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions, New Forest District Council, Eastleigh Borough Council, Test Valley Borough Council and Winchester City Council.

For more information on what support is available, see orphone 07876 661525 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are local sessions for face-to-face support at

  • Brockenhurst College: Fridays 10am to 4pm, starting 12 November
  • Totton College: Thursdays 10am to 4pm, starting 4 November

Prepare to stop for Forest animals

The clocks have gone back and, as the days become shorter, November and December are the deadliest months for New Forest livestock.

Most accidents take place between 5pm and 10pm on weekdays and involve local commuters.

How you can help:

  • be ready to stop – animals can step out even when they’ve seen you approaching
  • drive slowly, especially in the dark – there is a pool of darkness behind the headlights of approaching cars and an animal may be standing in it
  • give animals grazing by the side of the road a wide berth – cross to the other side of the road and be prepared to stop if there is on-coming traffic
  • take care if there are grazing animals on both sides of the road, they may cross to join their friends
  • one animal by the roadside means there are others close by so be aware
  • bends and tops of hills need more care as animals may be standing in the road just out of sight
  • reflective collars worn by some ponies may help you see them in the dark but be aware that not all ponies have them and wild animals will not have them
  • deer can easily jump the fences alongside roads such as the A337, A31 and A35, and when there is one deer more will usually follow.

Most of the drivers involved in animal accidents are relatively local people on regular trips.High-risk routes have been identified as:

  • B3078/79 from Cadnam to Godshill
  • B3054 from Lymington to Dibden Purlieu
  • B3055 from Brockenhurst to Sway
  • C10 from Picket Post to Holmsley.

If you do have an accident involving a pony, cow, donkey, pig or sheep, you are required by law to report it to the police by ringing 999 as soon as possible.

Find out all the latest initiatives and animal accident data on the New Forest National Park Authority website:

Platinum Jubilee 2022

Next year, Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service.

Get involved in celebrating Her Majesty’s historic reign

If you are thinking of organising a street party for the Queen’s platinum Jubilee, there is street party guidance available from the government with helpful tips, advice and support on preparing for a party:

And you can see information about road closures for street parties at:

To mark the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the late May Bank Holiday in 2022 has been moved to Thursday 2 June. There will also be an additional Bank Holiday on Friday 3 June 2022.

Help prevent localised flooding

If you have watercourses on, or bordering your land, it’s time to check your drainage ditches, pipes and culverts for any obstructions that could cause flooding.

When the leaves fall off the trees in autumn, and there’s increased rainfall, there is a higher risk of localised flooding due to blocked drains.

Find out more about your responsibilities and how to undertake maintenance of your property on the Hampshire County Council website:

To report flooding, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Fawley chimney demolition

On Sunday (31 October) the Fawley chimney, which was 198m high, was demolished with controlled explosives.You can watch our slow motion video of the demolition at

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Department of Transport "Be a mate who won't speed campaign

Be the Mate who won’t Speed

Following an increase in the proportion of vehicles speeding in the first national lockdown, THINK! Is launching a new campaign encouraging high-risk young male drivers to rethink their need to speed when making essential journeys.  Young men are over-represented in speeding-related casualties, and are also more likely to work in industries where they still need to travel for work during in lockdown.  

Launched on 28 January 2021, the campaign tackles speeding among this high-risk group, by encouraging young drivers to ‘Be the mate who won’t speed’, to keep themselves and others safe and reduce pressure on vital services including the NHS. The campaign challenges some of the common reasons for speeding – being in a hurry, driving on familiar roads and fewer vehicles on the road.

A suite of static and animated memes will run across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, using a humorous ‘bad versus good behaviour’ format, to champion and normalise not taking risks when it comes to speeding. 

Radio and digital audio will be used to intervene at key moments, such as journeys to work shifts and for essential shopping, challenging the need to speed in real time.

To further amplify the reach of this campaign, THINK! has partnered with LADBible and social influencers, who have developed their own content which shares the key messaging of this campaign and encourages our target audience to make a pledge to rethink their speed. 

To download static and animated memes, a toolkit with social copy, and the audio ads, click on the ‘Get this’ link below. 

Images for Facebook and Instagram


Fewer Vehicles - Meme 1, Frame 1

JPG1.46 MB

Fewer Vehicles - Meme 2, Frame 1

0 B

Familiar Roads - Meme 1, Frame 1

JPG1.09 MB

Familiar Roads - Meme 2, Frame 1

JPG1.46 MB

Hurry - Meme 1, Frame 1

JPG1.07 MB

Hurry - Frame 2, Endframe

JPG432.8 KB

Familiar Roads - Frame 2, Endframe

JPG492.55 KB

Fewer Vehicles - Frame 2, Endframe

JPG456.5 KB

Images for Twitter

Fewer Vehicles - Meme 1, Frame 1

JPG747.24 KB

Fewer Vehicles - Meme 2, Frame 1

JPG429.5 KB

Familiar Roads - Meme 1, Frame 1

JPG444.69 KB

Familiar Roads - Meme 2, Frame 1

JPG757.04 KB

Hurry - Frame 1

JPG402.89 KB

Fewer Vehicles - Frame 2, Endframe

JPG199.9 KB

Familiar Roads - Frame 2, Endframe

JPG219.51 KB

Hurry - Frame 2, Endframe

JPG193.8 KB

Videos for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Familiar Roads 1x1


Fewer Vehicles 1x1

In A Hurry (1) 1x1

In a Hurry (2) 1x1

Familiar Roads 9x16

In A Hurry (1) 9x16


Fewer Vehicles 16 x 9

THINK! Speeding Campaign Toolkit

PDF file682.54 KB

England and Wales Radio Adverts

England Radio Script A

WAV file5.06 MB

England Radio Script B

WAV file5.06 MB

England Radio Script C

WAV file5.06 MB

Wales Radio Script A

WAV file5.06 MB

Wales Radio Script B

WAV file5.06 MB

Wales Radio Script C

WAV file5.06 MB

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Department for Tranport logo

The THINK! campaign is run by the Department for Transport.



HCC-Slow down, drive safely for the conditions

Speed is one of the main factors in fatal road crashes

In these unprecedented times more people are cycling and walking, to travel to work and for pleasure. It is vital that drivers slow down and take extra care so everyone can use the roads safely.

With less traffic on the roads currently it is easy for speed to creep up unintentionally. Everyone has a part to play in not putting a strain on the NHS - so slow down and save lives - it’s not worth the risk.

The law states that you must not drive faster than the speed limit. The speed limit is the absolute maximum and it doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive at that speed in all conditions.

The habit of speed:

  • We often accelerate and change gears without thinking
  • Without always meaning to we can find ourselves travelling on urban roads at more than 30 mph. It has become a habit
  • The risk of death is approximately four times higher when a pedestrian is hit at 40mph than at 30mph
  • If you cause an accident you will have to live with the emotional consequences of causing death or injury to others

Reducing the risk of speeding:

  • Consider using third gear rather than fourth in 30mph zones
  • Use good ‘accelerator sense’. This means making sure there is enough clear road space ahead and that you know the speed limit before accelerating

Drivers are particularly vulnerable to accidents when they need to turn right across traffic. It is believed that this is due to a slowing of the ability to process information, making judgement of speed more difficult.

To make things safer at junctions you should:

  • Adjust your speed of approach to the junction so that you have time to assess it properly
  • Before you emerge from a junction look right, left and right again and then check for pedal cyclists and motorbikes
  • Even if it looks safe to emerge the situation can change very rapidly, so keep checking the situation until you are up to normal speed

Further information:

NFDC Mid- October Update

New Forest District Council

In this communication:

  • Update on waste and recycling services – ongoing driver shortages
  • Climate and Nature Emergency declared
  • Hampshire-wide plan for waste disposal
  • Help for people renting, and landlords
  • Support to Roger Penny Way petition
  • NHS COVID Pass
  • Waterside corridor travel improvements
  • StreetSafe
  • Regular coronavirus testing still important

Update on waste and recycling services – ongoing driver shortages

Along with other councils, the ongoing shortage of staff and HGV drivers across the country is having an impact on some of our waste and recycling services.

We are doing all we can to alleviate pressures on the service, working with staff from other council services and agency staff, and recruiting where we can to fill driver vacancies. We are responding day by day, assessing the staffing levels available, and prioritising collecting the black and clear sack waste.

This has meant some of our services are experiencing disruption – garden waste was temporarily paused, some glass collections have not taken place, bulky waste is currently suspended, and the delivery of sacks is behind schedule.

Services are currently operating as follows:

  • General waste and recycling: is the priority service and we are continuing to collect black and clear sack waste from 80,000 households in the district every week.
  • Garden waste: was temporarily paused and reinstated earlier this month on a four-weekly collection schedule. Currently unable to take on any new customers or offer additional sacks.
  • Glass collection: is continuing but some areas’ black box collections may have to be postponed at short notice
  • Bulky waste collection: is currently suspended.
  • Sack deliveries: Deliveries of clear and black sacks may be running slightly behind the schedule that residents have come to expect. We are working to catch up any backlog, and in the meantime, residents are reminded that they can use any black or clear sack, they do not need to be NFDC sacks.

Our apologies for the current disruption, which is likely to continue for some time. Our staff are working extremely hard in difficult circumstances. Thank you for your patience and support.

Please follow our updates on the website and social media. You can get latest updates, as well as via this email, in the following ways:

Climate and Nature Emergency declared

At our meeting of Council (11 October 2021) we declared a Climate Change and Nature Emergency for the district.

Cllr Edward Heron, Leader, “In itself, declaring a climate emergency does nothing, it’s what you then do. But this is a clear signal that we consider it of such importance that we will be building on the climate change actions already underway and taking a more fundamental look at our activities, with the target of reducing carbon emissions along with an ambitious action plan being put in place to measure annual district-wide progress.”

Read more

Hampshire-wide plan for waste disposal

We have approved a new “Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy” (JMWMS) which will allow us to work with other councils in Hampshire to reduce our carbon impact, and meet upcoming government legislation.

As we also work on our own waste collection strategy, the JMWMS will support us in sharing resources and working towards our goal to reduce waste and increase recycling.

The new JMWMS will allow us to:

  • Move to a ‘twin-stream’ recycling collection system for the New Forest district.  A twin-stream system means paper and card are collected from one container, and glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, tubs and trays, metal tins and cans in another.
  • Introduce weekly food waste collections within the next few years

Specific information about the waste service for the New Forest, such as how often waste will be collected, and the types of containers and vehicles to be used, will be known when our final waste strategy is agreed.

Read more:

Help for people renting, and landlords

  • Tenants: If you are renting and think you may be at risk of becoming homeless, please get in touch with us as soon as possible – we have different ways we can help.
  • Landlords and letting agents: Do you rent a property to tenants? We know that eviction is often the last resort and is a costly and stressful process. Get in touch with our ‘Call Before You Serve’ team, before you issue any eviction notices, and we can work with you on solutions to get the tenancy back on track.

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 023 8028 5222

Support to Roger Penny Way petition

We have added our support to a petition from the New Forest Speed Awareness Campaign regarding traffic speeds on Roger Penny Way.

We will now work with the Police and Crime Commissioner, and Hampshire County Council as the Highways Authority, on a feasibility study into traffic speeds on the road, and a report on the next steps will be brought to a future NFDC Cabinet meeting.

Read more at:


The NHS COVID Pass shows your coronavirus vaccination details or test results. You might be asked to show your pass when travelling abroad, or at some events or venues in the UK.

To get your COVID Pass, visit the NHS website:

Criminals are using the NHS COVID Pass as a way to target the public by convincing them to hand over money, financial details and personal information. They are sending out imitation text messages, emails and making phone calls pretending to be from the NHS, and offering fake vaccine certificates for sale online and through social media.


  • the NHS app is free
  • the NHS COVID Pass is free
  • the NHS will never ask for payment or any financial details.

Waterside corridor travel improvements

Hampshire County Council are asking local people to share their views on proposals to improve travel and transport in the Waterside area.

The proposals look at improving bus reliability and journey times at Rushington Roundabout, Marchwood Bypass and Junction Road, Totton.

If you live, or work locally, you are invited to share your thoughts about the proposed changes. Complete the online response form before Wednesday 3 November at

You can also request a paper copy by calling 0300 555 1388.


StreetSafe is a new service which allows members of the public to anonymously report public places where they have felt or feel unsafe to the police.

The service will help the police to build a picture of issues in different areas, which will help them to identify actions that can be done to help the public feel safer.

You can report anything that makes you feel unsafe, such as environmental issues like street lighting, abandoned vehicles or vandalism, or behaviours, such as being followed or verbally abused.

Find out more about StreetSafe at

StreetSafe is not a way of reporting crime, and you should always call 101 to report crime to the police or 999 in an emergency.

Regular coronavirus testing still important

With autumn and winter very much on the way, it’s important to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by testing regularly, especially before meeting up with others.
Get free rapid test kits from the NHS

Help is at hand if you are self-isolating. Call the Hampshire Coronavirus Helpline today on 0333 370 4000 to find out what support is available to you

Thank you for reading this communication. Please share this email with your family and friends, and if they would like to sign up to receive them in future, they can subscribe at