Representatives from 53% of the households in the Parish responded to the questionnaire. In general, the basic findings were not dissimilar to those of the 2001 census allowing for differences in time. The sample is therefore probably reasonably representative of the Parish as a whole. 48% of the households consisted of two people and 23% of houses had only one occupant.

The population in these households was elderly, with 41% aged 60 or over, 41% aged 19-59, and 18% aged 18 or less. 30% were retired; 44% were employed or self-employed; 9% were not in paid work; 3% were in further or higher education; 12% were in school, and 3% were under five years. 63% of the homes were owner occupied, 24% privately rented, with the remainder being provided as part of employment or as housing association accommodation.

For 76% of respondents, their house in Beaulieu was their only home and 93% of houses were occupied all or most of the time; 8% were used mainly for week-ends or for holidays. 33% of the houses had no double glazing, 50% did not have cavity walls but of those that did, only 53% had cavity wall insulation.