likes1Respondents were asked to list three things that they liked about Beaulieu, three things that they disliked and three things that they would like to see improved in the future.

Looking at the responses to the question on likes, 38% expressed their appreciation of the natural surroundings, its beauty, the Beaulieu River, the New Forest, the peace and tranquillity and the wildlife. 21% mentioned the village, its traditional character and shops, and 20% mentioned the community and its people. These points were followed by the availability of outdoor activities and an appreciation of the Estate's role in relation to the Parish.

As far as dislikes were concerned, 38% related to traffic: to heavy goods vehicles, to the speed of traffic, including vehicles in the High Street, and to the general increase in through traffic. 16% mentioned problems associated with parking. Footpaths were inadequate; disruption was caused by tourism, particularly by 'outdoor events' at the Museum complex.

Overall, 65% of respondents complained of some aspect of traffic at least once and 33% complained of parking issues at least once. Over a third gave fewer than three dislikes, some simply replied 'none'.

When it came to suggesting improvements, 26% related to traffic, 18% to parking, and 12% to foot and cycle paths. 11% were suggestions for local shops and eateries and 10% related to improving or increasing community facilities. Next came suggestions to reduce pollution, followed by those on increasing access to services. 

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