In response to the question about new houses for local needs, 17 respondents said that they had members of their household who wanted owner-occupied, affordable housing within the Parish and seven wanted similar accommodation to rent. One person identified a need for sheltered housing.

47% of respondents would support new housing to satisfy local needs and 40% said they might support more development for that reason.

house164% were in favour of the conversion of disused buildings for local businesses and services, with 27% responding 'maybe' and only 9% against. However, when it came to constructing new buildings for the same purpose, only 14% were in favour, 49% were unsure, and 37% were against such a move.

16% of those surveyed felt that the planning system had been unsuccessful in controlling development over the last ten years, the rest were satisfied or partly satisfied.

Some of the issues covered in this Parish Plan were addressed in the Beaulieu Village Plan of 1990 which was published jointly by the Beaulieu Estate and the New Forest District Council. The result was a development plan which provided for a number of changes to the built environment, including 20 new houses (mainly housing association) and improvements to community facilities and the landscape. The plan was formally approved. Many of the objectives have been realised, but a few remain to be completed. Our plan looks at present day needs.

The responses to this section indicate that there is a demand for more affordable housing for local people, both to buy and to rent. With the population ageing, the need for sheltered housing may become more necessary. If development is planned sympathetically, and with specific needs in mind it appears likely to be looked upon favourably by respondents. (See Action Plan Project 9 .)