health1There are no health facilities in the village. The nearest doctors' surgeries are in Hythe and Dibden Purlieu, where 70% of residents go. As far as chemists are concerned, most go to Dibden Purlieu, followed by Lymington and then Hythe.

The dentists' surgeries used are more spread out, with 37% of respondents going to Lymington. 86% are treated privately; some had sought but failed to find a NHS dentist.

Lymington and Southampton are the most widely used hospitals within the district. The 6% who had used maternity services at Hythe, Southampton or Lymington in the last five years were all satisfied. 24% of respondents have used the ambulance service within the last 5 years and were overwhelmingly either 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with the service; 2% said they were not. 17% of respondents had visited a chiropodist, for the most part privately.

7% of respondents had someone in their household who needed assistance with daily living (but 50% did not answer this question). 67% of these received help from family members and physiotherapists and 33% from district nurses and home care assistants.

No-one attended a day care centre or received meals on wheels. No projects related to these health and welfare findings are included in the Parish Action Plan but this information should be taken into account when considering all relevant planning matters in the future.