environment1Road traffic causes the biggest problems for residents. 35% of respondents complain that traffic noise bothers them regularly and 34% that it does so occasionally. Aircraft noise is also becoming intrusive with the expansion of regional airports, 24% stating it is a regular problem and 44% an occasional one. Altogether 57% mentioned noise coming from some of the events which take place in the Museum Complex. (See Action Plan Project 10 .)

Road traffic causes the biggest adverse physical and/or visual impact, with 85% saying it affects them either regularly or occasionally. 72% mentioned inconsiderate parking and 66% mentioned litter, followed by 'too many signs' and 'some inappropriate buildings that do not blend in with their surroundings'.

10% were affected by each of the light pollution sources mentioned in the questionnaire. As far as air pollution is concerned, barely 33% was ever bothered by it; the main source of complaint was the Fawley Oil Refinery 'cracker'.

Respondents were also asked to rate the importance of a series of statements. 'Reducing the impact of traffic' came top of the list, followed by 'reducing the impact of parking', next came 'maintenance of public areas and open spaces' and then 'litter picking'.

The impacts of traffic and parking seem to be major problems for residents, and will be assessed further for feasible solutions; these are probably the main concern nowadays in other communities too. (See the Action Plan Projects for traffic and parking that follow.)