Work was started on the Beaulieu Parish Plan in response to a government initiative to encourage local communities, through their parish councils, to help form and make decisions for their future. Following a parish council meeting open to the public, volunteers from Beaulieu residents, including two parish councillors, were invited to form a committee to investigate what people like about Beaulieu and what could be improved and, using this information, what considerations should guide the Parish in planning for the future.

The committee hand-delivered a short preliminary questionnaire to every household, asking parishioners what they liked and disliked about living in the Parish and what changes they wanted. Meetings were held with many sections of the Beaulieu community, as well as with specific groups, e.g. farmers, local businesses and organisations, to canvas their views. Separate questionnaires were given to primary schoolchildren aged 8 or older and all teenagers aged 11-18 who lived in the Parish.

Based on the answers to the preliminary questionnaire, and points made at the meetings, the main Beaulieu Parish Plan questionnaire was developed and a copy delivered by hand to every household in the Parish. A shorter questionnaire was sent to various interest groups in Beaulieu, including clubs and businesses. Both questionnaires were posted on the Parish website; it was possible to complete them and return the answers electronically. The village fete provided an opportunity to publicise the Plan and an "open morning" was held in the village hall to give parishioners the opportunity to come and ask questions and to discuss the main questionnaire.

The answers to these questionnaires, which have been posted on the website, form the basis of this Beaulieu Parish Plan. From these answers, and from comments received, it has been possible to assess what could be improved within the Parish of Beaulieu to make living in this area more enjoyable.