84% feel they are adequately informed about events happening in the village; 76% read the Estate Newsletter regularly, 36% read the church's Parish Magazine although only 27% look at the Village noticeboard. (See Action Plan Project 2 .)

76% of respondents can access the internet, with 65% able to do so from home.

The Village Hall is rarely used by residents for private functions although it is used regularly by clubs and societies and for the provision of school meals. It was suggested that, since many local organisations need storage space, perhaps the hall building could be modified to provide this. (See Action Plan Project 4 .)

Only 6% use the Mobile Library.

87% are satisfied with the NFDC Rubbish Collection. Over 90% make at least occasional use of recycling facilities and 35% regularly use the recycling bins within the Parish at nearby Hazelcopse Farm. A suggestion was made that it might be worth exploring the provision of a communal compost heap (see Action Plan Project 7 ).

As most respondents can access the internet, more use might be made of communication by email. The village web site could be improved by expanding and regularly updating information on it. (See Action Plan Project 3 .)

Since several suggestions indicate that better provision of information would be valuable, a Welcome Pack for newcomers and others could be developed. (See Action Plan Project 1 .)

Perhaps some local publicity might be helpful to advise parishioners when and where the Mobile Library is in the village. Publicising the availability of the Village Hall for private functions might also be worth-while.