At present there are three large farms and six smaller holdings leased from the Beaulieu Estate, as well as other Estate tenants with grazing agreements. There is also Norman Court and Sowley Farms Ltd. holding. The main acreages on the Beaulieu Estate comprise the 3 large farms:-

  • Rolf Park Farm, run by Arthur Rolf and his son, with a total of 990 acres over three holdings, Park and Bergerie Farms, Clobb Farm and Salternshill Farm. The main enterprise is a dairy herd together with some beef cattle; some arable crops are also grown. At present six local people are employed and a further three travel from Southampton Waterside.
  • Boyd Farming, run by John Boyd, with a total of 797 acres over four holdings, Newhouse Farm, Beufre Farm, Lodge Farm and Penerley Farm. These are mainly arable, producing soft fruit. About 400 people are employed, mostly Eastern Europeans, for 9-10 months a year; they are housed in static caravans on the farms and have little impact on Beaulieu village. Once a week coaches take them to Tesco to shop. In addition there are 25 full time staff of whom 10 are British, some living locally.
  • 3D Farming Partnership, run by the Dolbear family with 457 acres spread over three farms, Hazelcopse, Leygreen and Swinesleys, which have been amalgamated into one holding. They grow sunflowers, maize, asparagus, and some grain and sub-let land for grazing. The only people they employ are East European part time asparagus pickers. agriculure1agriculture2 agriculture3agriculture4 The six smaller holdings which are mainly under grazing and used for raising livestock occupy some 574 acres. The land subject to grazing agreements covers a further 383 acres.
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The Norman Court and Sowley Farms Ltd. holding is one of three properties farmed by this company, comprising of 1800 acres over Beck, Sowley and Thorns farms. Approximately 890 acres are arable farming, 495 acres are woodlands, some of which is managed commercially; 44 acres are managed pond, with the remainder pasture, composting, buildings etc.

Only two of the farmers with larger holdings have tenancies with succession rights enabling them to pass their farms on to their children or immediate members of the family. The farmers feel that local people have a romantic, unrealistic view of farming, not realising that some farms rely on collections and deliveries by articulated vehicles to stay in business and that some of their activities may occasionally create unattractive smells and noise.